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Machine of saline mist experiment
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4, maintenance serves: My company maintains a service to what using a product to be offerred all one's life. If the product is in,breakdown appears outside the expiration period, maintenance serves a collection yuan charge of parts of an apparatus.
5, service fast: Client service hot line is in my company commitment to receive a client to seek advice or be maintained after waiting for information the response is made inside 8 hours; Maintenance service reachs the spot in personnel of the 48 inside the hour arrangement after making a response.

Statement: The description of afore-mentioned products about saline mist box can regard contract technology as accessory, have legal effectiveness.

About the more detail welcome of equipment you call our company to understand. Our company can ask according to yours, the design is made nonstandard the saline mist of norms corrodes a lab, the detail welcomes an incoming telegram to seek advice.

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