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Machine of saline mist experiment
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(C) sparge quantity: 1~2mL/80cm²1hr

4, demist means:
Jie air squashs mirage eduction

5, control a system:
(A) lab temperature controls 0~99.9 ℃ precision 0.1 ℃ (even numbers show) VERTEX factory makes VT4810 PID automatic figure 1.
(B) heat groovy liquid expands ℃ of 0~110 of safe temperature controller 2 (Western Europe goods)
(C) 0~99.9 of controller of temperature of saturated air bucket ℃ , precision 0.1 ℃ (even numbers shows) VERTEX factory makes VT4810 PID automatic figure 1.
(D) time controller ANV AH5R-2 1
(E) when accumulating implement: 0~9999.9 Hr stage makes RISESEN1
(F) one class pressure adjusts a structure:
1. Pressure regulator valve: Add pressure to express 1 group (go ahead of the rest is pressure regulating at 2~2.5Kg/cm² )
2. 2 pressure regulator valve: The stage makes 1/4 of pressure regulator valve”PT, pressure 0~4.0 Kg/cm² is adjustable type (sparge pressure adjusts at 1.0Kg/cm² )
3. Pressure watch: 2 Kg/cm² 1, precision 0.1 Kg/cm² .
(G) French entrance buckles switch according to smooth detain but serial sign buckles 10 thousand above.
(H) person forest contactor of electric machinery electromagnetism 1
(I) the stage makes STON LY2N protect electric post 1
(J) the stage makes STON MY2N hold electric post 4
(K) a powerful person of YCT V2A702-03 electromagnetism 4

6, saline mist corrodes chamber applicable experiment: Sparge of A, neuter brine experiments (NSS)Sparge of acerbity brine of B, second experiments (ACSS)Sparge of brine of copper of C, acetic acid experiments (CSAA)

7, saline mist corrodes the international standard with applicable chamber:
RELATEU STANDARDS CNS 3627, 3885, 4159, 7669, 8866; JIS D-0201, H-8502, H-8610, K-5400, Z-2371, ISO3768, 3769, 3770; ASTM B-117, ASTM B-268 B-268, GB-T2423, GJB150, 3770;

8, saline mist corrodes chamber to deliver goods fittings:
1, product certificate of approval
2, guarantee card
3, Chinese handles notebook 1
4, barrel of 9.5L brine mix 1
5, 5/8 enters drainpipe (compression tube) 5 meters
6, PVC V horn wears 1 group
7, NACL sodium chloride tries 2 bottles of drug
8, 1.5 vent-pipe (free tube) 3 meters
9, 10mm glass club 1 group
10, feeling wet gauze 5

9, groom reach after service
1, before-sales service: The client is before the product is sold offer product technology program freely, can ask to offer the spot to explain to seek advice from a service with the technology according to the client.
2, after service: Personnel is expedited to offer a product freely to use for the client after the product is sold groom, the use of on-the-spot guidance product and safeguard
3, quality assures: Product expiration period is the day that check and accept to rise 1 year, inside the expiration period product happening is not artificial quality problem, my company provides free maintenance for the client
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