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Conductor is tensile machine of percentage elongation experiment
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· product value: Ten thousand five hundred yuan / the stage rises 1 times order
· company name: In Nuo (Taiwan) limited company of equipment of qualitative check instrument
· contact: Li Hua (young lady)
· phone: 0769-85513165
· mobile phone: 13713491816
· address: Tiger door new couplet the 6th industrial district
· business spreads: Http:// Id=4387
This machine is used at aluminous silk of all sorts of metals, copper, can check its sample fight piece of intensity, percentage elongation, turn to fold, be able to bear or endure Qu Li.
One, measure range: 10, 20, 30, 50kg is optional
2, strength resolution: 0.01kg
3, the greatest distance (do not contain clamping apparatus) : 150, 250, 500mm is optional
4, indication means: Number of 15mm X 85mm is in charge of
5, the indication of force: Draw strength
6, have peak value lock to decide
7, percentage elongation can show directly
8, motor: AC motor

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