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Machine of microcomputer pull test
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· product value: Forteen thousand five hundred yuan / the stage rises 1 times order
· company name: In Nuo (Taiwan) limited company of equipment of qualitative check instrument
· contact: Li Hua (young lady)
· phone: 0769-85513165
· mobile phone: 13713491816
· address: Tiger door new couplet the 6th industrial district
· business spreads: Http:// Id=4387
The pulling force that this machine can measure all sorts of material, tear off, come off, 崵 relay. . . Wait for sex of the content that fight force; Use at electrical wiring to make percentage elongation, of the test that refuses piece of intensity and spin, leather refuse tension, pull test. Accord with standard of each experiment of UL, CSA, CCC, VDE, GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS.
One, measure a choice: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200kg is optional.
2, loading resolution: 0.01kg.
3, the greatest distance (do not contain clamping apparatus) : 800mm.
4, test rapidity: 50~500mm/min random is adjustable, electronic number shows frequency control.
5, speed precision: 50±0.5mm, 500±1.0mm
6, monitor: Can show burst value, direct indication percentage elongation. Have peak value to lock up calm function.
7, drive means: AC frequency control motor.
8, unit changeover: Kgf / N Or Kgf / Lb
9, percentage elongation shows: Scale staff guage, resolution: 0.01%
10, fight Zhang Jiang to spend (Kg/cm2)= burst is worth (Kg) / area of test piece cut (Cm2)
11, over all dimension (W×D×H) : 45cm×36cm×175cm
12, weight: 75kg

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