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Double arm drop test
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· product value: The face is discussed
· company name: One China appearance of Shanghai implement equipment limited company
· contact: Ma Deli (gentleman)
· phone: 021-64606268
· mobile phone: 13818353760
· address: Shanghai gives way of virtuous area light 101
· business spreads: Http:// Id=2968
Model: Drop test stage, fall next experiment machine, drop test machine, fall nonofficeholding, decline machine, decline stage, stage of Chan Yi drop test, machine of Chan Yi drop test
Utility: Machine of DL series drop test, the product below main and contented traffic condition packs susceptive ability, improve thereby, the ideal design that pack.
One, product characteristic

Machine of DL series drop test, use double post oriented, height declines frequency but buy, the job is stable and reliable, can realize arris, face, horn to decline, satisfy GB/T4857.5-92, ISO2248-1972(E) .

2, product standards
Model / index DL/YH-315 DL/YH-320
Decline height (Mm) 300-1500 300-2000
Test specimen is the biggest weight (Kg) 100 100
Test specimen is the biggest dimension (Mm) 1000*800*1000 1000*800*1000
Dimension of concussion face plate (Mm) 1700*1200*16 1700*1200*16
Power source power (KVA) 0.85 0.85
Testing stand over all dimension (Mm) 1700*1200*2515 1700*1200*2827
Suttle (Kg) 600 700
Test system satisfies normative GB4757.5-84 ISO2248-1972(E)

3, groom reach after service
1, before-sales service: The client is before the product is sold offer product technology program freely, can ask to offer the spot to explain to seek advice from a service with the technology according to the client.
2, after service: Personnel is expedited to offer a product freely to use for the client after the product is sold groom, the use of on-the-spot guidance product and safeguard
3, quality assures: Product expiration period is the day that check and accept to rise 1 year, inside the expiration period product happening is not artificial quality problem, my company provides free maintenance for the client
4, maintenance serves: My company maintains a service to what using a product to be offerred all one's life. If the product is in,breakdown appears outside the expiration period, maintenance serves a collection yuan charge of parts of an apparatus.
5, service fast: Client service hot line is in my company commitment to receive a client to seek advice or be maintained after waiting for information the response is made inside 8 hours; Maintenance service reachs the spot in personnel of the 48 inside the hour arrangement after making a response
About the more detail welcome of equipment you call our company to understand. Our company can ask according to yours, the design is made nonstandard the drop test stage of norms, the detail welcomes an incoming telegram to seek advice.

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