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Machine of saline mist experiment
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Product value: The face is discussed
· company name: One China appearance of Shanghai implement equipment limited company
· contact: Ma Deli (gentleman)
· phone: 021-64606268
· mobile phone: 13818353760
· address: Shanghai gives way of virtuous area light 101
· business spreads: Http:// Id=2968
Model: Saline mist chamber, saline mist box, saline mist experiments, saline mist machine, but box of form salt mist, case of saline mist test, saline mist corrodes machine of experiment of mist of box, salt
Utility: “ of kind of environment of climate of labor of humanness of saline mist chamber 3 prevent mist of ”(damp and hot, salt, mould) one of test equipment, it is industry of research machinery, national defence, light industrial the industry such as electron, appearance equipment of a kind of of all sorts of environmental suitability and dependability important test. This salt mist corrodes chamber to be able to press GB/T2423.17 " electronic electrician product is main Ka of experiment of environmental experiment regulations: Method of saline mist experiment " do neuter salt mist to experiment, also can do acetate mist test at the same time.

Model YWX/YH-60 YWX/YH-90 YWX/YH-120
Atelier dimension 600×450×400 900×600×500 1200×850×500
Model YWX/YH-160 YWX/YH-200
Atelier dimension 1600×1000×600 2000×1200×600

One, structural characteristic
(A) lab: Collect PVC gray impulse withstand board, ply 6m/m.
(B) constant temperature cistern: Collect PVC gray impulse withstand board, ply 6m/m,
Add controller of automatic water level, absolve the inconvenience that adds water artificially.
(C) lab upper cover: Use PVC board to be made, ply 10m/m, add indoor lamp 1, window of aggrandizement safety glass reachs baric crock one group to control each group (automatic open and shut) .
(D) bucket of complement trying drug: Conceal type to add water level table, collect PVC gray
Impulse withstand board, ply 5m/m, become an organic whole with machine stage outward appearance.
(E) lab basket support: Collect PVC gray impulse withstand board, can adjust experiment angle 15º and 30º role freely.
(F) saturated air bucket: With SUS#304 stainless steel board make, ply 2m/m, add controller of automatic water level, absolve the artificial inconvenience that add water.

2, experiment method:
Can wait for standard set according to CNS, JIS, ASTM model:
(Law of A) brine trial:
(1) lab: ℃ of 35 ℃ ±1
(2) saturated air bucket: ℃ of 47 ℃ ±1
(B) is anti-corrosive trial law:
(1) lab: ℃ of 50 ℃ ±1
(2) saturated air bucket: ℃ of 63 ℃ ±1

3, sparge means:
(A) awl disperser: Can adjust the volume of sparge, can make mirage falls mist is average.
(B) nozzle: The accurate glass nozzle of qualitative PYREX of vitreous nozzle material
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