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Oscillatory experiment machine
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· product value: The face is discussed
· company name: One China appearance of Shanghai implement equipment limited company
· contact: Ma Deli (gentleman)
· phone: 021-64606268
· mobile phone: 13818353760
· address: Shanghai gives way of virtuous area light 101
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Model: Oscillatory testing stand, vibration experiments, bumpy stage, imitate carries testing stand, oscillatory experiment machine, machine of electromagnetism vibration experiment, electromagnetism shake table, electromagnetism vibration experiments
Utility: Use at component of imitate electrician, electron, car and other to involve carriage product and goods the environment in carriage process, detect of its product be able to bear or endure brace up function. Realize all functions that oscillatory experiment needs:  also sand of ⒖ of idle of ㄆ of ⑸ of idle of ā ⒌ kneecap drips amplitude modulation of? of uranous Yu of moth of the She nationality of ⒆ of  of allow of ⒍ of idle of plating of be good at ⒈ , time control, complete function computer is controlled, simple and easy decide acceleration / calm amplitude. Equipment runs through barrier of successive without reason 3 months check, performance is steady, quality is reliable.
One, product structure
1. The biggest test is laden (Kg) : 100 (according to user demand custom-built)
2. Frequency limits (0.01Hz) : 1Hz~5000Hz (but the time that 1 second goes to set 1 year)
3. Sweep limits (0.01Hz) : 1Hz~5000Hz (but 1 second goes to set between 30 climate)
4. Amplitude (adjustable limits Mmp-p) : 0~5mm
5. The biggest acceleration: 20g
6. Oscillatory direction: Perpendicular level
7. Vibration is undee: Sine wave
8. But form (0.01Hz) : 1-5000HZ, 1-15 paragraph frequency of set of random of every Duan Ke and time, can circulate
9. Times frequency (0.01Hz) : Number of 5 paragraphs of twice increases ① low arrive high to high frequency ② low frequency ③ is low arrive tall again low frequency / can circulate
10. Power: 2.2Kw
11. L*H*W of size of shake table area (Cm) : 50*50 (can ask according to the user custom-built)
12. L*H*W of stage style dimension (Cm) : Perpendicular 50*20*50
13. Power source voltage (V) : 220±20%
14. The biggest electric current (A) : 5
15. Time control: But form, frequency modulation, sweep, times frequency, logarithm all can satisfy each standard time to install
※ frequency can show 0.01Hz, precision 0.1Hz
If ※ needs to see amplitude, acceleration, correct figure needs to buy a measuring instrument additionally.
2, product standards

Testing stand of ZD/YH series vibration: Frequency: 1~5000Hz, amplitude: Control of process designing of 0~5mm, computer, frequency modulation, sweep, times frequency, logarithm all can satisfy a series of oscillatory testing stand of each standard.

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