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Bubble cotton reduces stress test chance
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· product value: The face is discussed
· company name: Dongguan grows Cheng testing instrument limited company
· contact: Li Shufang (young lady)
· phone: 0769-22900856
· mobile phone: 13929215876
· address: The city austral city of Guangdong province Dongguan makes the same score an industrial district on the west
· business spreads: Http:// Id=3752
Can undertake be fightinged commonly pressing a test, use standard sample achieves the power that is out of shape place needs certainly. This machine uses response of inductor of high accuracy force, the test gives the numerical value that fight force and show directly.

Basic parameter:
* capacity: 100kg
* decomposes degree of 1/10000
* precision 1%
* platen φ200
* checks speed 100mm/min
* horsepower 120W
* bulk 900*400*900mm
* weight 92kg
* power source 1, AC220V, 1.5A

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