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Nondestructive detects, manage is changed examine technical equipment and exhibi
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(hall of hall of industry of electron of machinery of former Henan province is long)
Exhibition of secretary-general Zhengzhou good rich engineers limited company to engineer director Shen Yan
Commissarial Henan saves machinist Cheng to learn vice-president Hua Weitang
(division of instrument of former telephone exchange of Henan oil field)
Henan saves automation to learn vice-president Fan Yuzhang
Henan saves machinist Cheng to learn secretary-general Gao Wensheng
Henan saves automation to learn secretary-general Kong Jinsheng
Henan saves association of science and technology to learn ministry minister Chen Ping
Henan provincial capital exhibits Wang Yongguo of chairman of chamber of commerce of course of study
Henan province nondestructive detects institutional director Ran Qifang
Henan saves machinist Cheng to learn secretary-general assistant Wang Yanting
Exhibit can successful assurance:
1, Central Plains area is the most influential the Electromechanical that the major of mechanical electron industry of force coachs origanization construction makes the exhibition major with orgnaization and Central Plains the largest area have the effect most together is exhibited, exhibit decide can win rich and generous get one's own back
2, ” of “ Zhengzhou good rich holds industrial exhibition to already evened more in Central Plains area 9, accumulated the rich visiting database that operates experience and magnanimity. Good rich of ” of “ good rich and “ exhibits ” to already became Central Plains area to exhibit the banner of course of study and brand, current exhibition will let exhibit business satisfaction with more comprehensive whole journey service and return.
3, ” of exhibition of “ good rich is classics country industrial and commercial the exhibition trade that total bureau registers on record is famous brand, experience of the whole journey plan that its are having more than 10 years of industry to exhibit in Zhengzhou and countrywide each district, operation, in professional and directive orgnaization lead the effective client that can specific aim ground invites exhibition place to need and major to buy the home, offer the place that supply and demand negotiates and opportunity for ground of the broad utmost that postpone business!
4, the organizing committee will still is as always broad exhibit business to serve wholeheartedly, will continue modest all sorts of reasonable proposals that listen to each ginseng to postpone business and opinion, make hard improve.
5, look around invite reach discriminate the key that buying the home effectively is our job, we will continue to arrange person specially assigned for a task to have the job of this respect.
You experience ★ ★ ★ personally only, just know it true effect is extraordinary. Come, to Henan the industrial exhibition of the most negative great reputation, no matter you are,joining is to look around, you can be welcomed enthusiasticly for certain, you can be harvested somewhat for certain!
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