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Nondestructive detects, manage is changed examine technical equipment and exhibi
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Exposition of manufacturing industry of equipment of Central Plains international (abbreviation: Central Plains makes rich meet) it is by government of Zhengzhou city people, Zhengzhou city can be exhibited do to support energetically; Visit division of province of mechanical Joint Industry Conference, Henan by Henan assist, it is society, good that Henan saves machinist Cheng society, Henan to save automation rich can exhibit an orgnaization to be sponsorred jointly; The branch of a few large trades that Henan saves machinist Cheng to learn subordinate (nondestructive detects, manage is changed examine, material, solder, cast, finishing) main assist do, mid area tens of homes guild (society) of support exposition of mid and large manufacturing industry.
The 9th Central Plains makes rich can exhibit an area to add up to 15 thousand square metre. Professional audience achieves 33 thousand person-time. The spot clinchs a deal the forehead exceeds a RMB of 4 million yuan of above exhibit business to exceed 20, overall implementation trades the forehead 278 million yuan of RMBs. Predict current mass rally exhibits an area to will exceed 20000 square metre, the spot clinchs a deal the forehead will have than previous term or session bigger rise. The meeting that make gain doing is better than, intense echo was caused in manufacturing industry of domestic and international equipment, also got government and the sufficient affirmation of concerned branch and height are evaluated saving. Congress is revealed with the product give priority to, hold <> concurrently recommend with technical lecture, learning communication, product, information of purchase and sale is released, exhibit the means such as meeting special issue, entrance ticket, invitation to serve congress, have more all-around of media publicize energetically in order to ensure the consummation of this second grand meeting!
Sponsor unit “ good rich to exhibit ” to have hold industry to exhibit the professional visiting database that accumulates the experience of success of one a complete set of that come down and magnanimity for years, for this second exhibit the success of the meeting to hold laid solid foundation. We wish to do our best continue to organize good exhibition, the business that postpones business for everybody is healthy contribute a bit one's pygmy effort, because organize the career that good exhibition is us and responsibility! The service is our tenet, joint development is our wish, wish each a person of same business person attend actively on March 26, 2008 - the Central Plains that ” of exhibition of good by “ on March 28 rich holds in Zhengzhou international exhibition center is long the industry of negative great reputation is exhibited.
Let us make an appointment to be in of spring in March!
The organizing committee forms:
Director Henan saves He Fenglian of vice-chairman of association of science and technology
Vice director Henan saves machinist Cheng to learn director Zheng Dingwen
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