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Electron of the 71st China exhibits professional audience round invitation lette
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Electron of the 71st China is exhibited

Professional audience round invitation letterOnly then exhibit at the Chinese electron 1964, it is China provides authoritative omnibus professional electron to exhibit most, it is the national level electron that gets national MII and Department of Commerce support with all one's strength exclusively at the same time is exhibited greatly. 2003, CEF is exhibited as exclusive electron, the class A that key of selected country Department of Commerce supports is exhibited meeting. Chinese electron is exhibited (CEF) grow jointly with Chinese electron industry, all previous classics witnessed Chinese electron industry by the planned economy transition to market economy and development. Current, CEF is objective went up to had formed Shenzhen - Shanghai - western the force that 3 season join 3 stations echo, Chun Xiaqiu suitably, match with activity of seminar of industry of high administrative levels, become the vane that reflects progress of Chinese electron industry. For better service at the enterprise, chinese electron was exhibited 2008Shenzhen stands, the organizing committee is special invite the enterprise inside the industry to comprise professional audience group to participate in those who experience us to exhibit meeting. Newest electron uses product of industry of technology, newest electron, make meticulously for you one-stop purchase platform! 60 thousand square metreChinese electron is the biggest exhibitInvite sincerely your participation! Current postpone meeting brief introduction71Chinese electron is exhibited (CEF)Exhibit meeting address: Shenzhen can exhibit a centerExtend meeting time: On April 11, 2008 - 13 daysExtend meeting scope: 60000 square metre, 2000 postpone business, predict 60000 industries buy the homeShowpiece content: Electron yuan appearance of electron of parts of an apparatus, car, photoelectricity, integrated circuit, instrument, tool, connector exhibits area, electron to produce equipment, special type yuan batteries of parts of an apparatus, mobile phone and component, power source, biology identifying Sponsor an unit: Head office of Chinese electron equipmentUndertake unit: Report can be exhibited in transmit limited company with information Activity of the corresponding period: Forum of ● SMT itinerate ● of 2008 Shenzhen station 2008 (Shenzhen) RFID application is advanced seminar ● China International electron purchases Shenzhen of congress ● 2008() Chinese FPD makes forum ● 2008 (Shenzhen) international electron test and measure professional seminar TV of number of the 4th China and machine carry ● on the head a technology
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