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Nondestructive detects, manage is changed examine technical equipment and exhibi
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Showpiece time: 2008-3-26 comes 2008-3-28
Application ends: 2008-3-25
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: Road of hill of Zhengzhou city Chinese redbud edifice of 60 Jin Chengguo trade 2106 rooms
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: ▲ nondestructive detects technology and equipment ultrasonic flaw detection; Ray flaw detection is reached like the system; Magnetism memory; Exterior flaw detection (magnetic particle and permeate) ; Measure thick; Sound projects a technology; Eddy current detects; Infra-red detect; Stress detects; The leak such as subterranean conduit, valve detects technology; Stick receive quality to detect etc and all sorts of nondestructive detect the material that use waste time, standard test block. ▲ manage changes spectrometer of analytic instrument equipment implement, composition of system of analysis of aeriform analysis instrument, photometric analysis instrument, metallographic and electron microscope, image, material analyses instrument, environment to check instrument, radiate to check an instrument; Atom absorbs spectrometer; Appearance of gas phase color atlas; Appearance of fluid photograph color atlas is waited a moment. Machine of pull test of electron of machine of ▲ material experiment, universal test machine, bump machine of experiment machine, hardness experiment machine, turn round testing machine, fatigue experiment, tensile test machine, other to test equipment of technical properties test; Machine of experiment of bougie of machine of experiment of environmental test instrument, hardness, electron, dynamic concussion, sclerometer, polish expects (pink) , blemish of process of technology of monitoring of quality of process of production of engine of wet experiment of constant of pressure testing machine, concrete pressure testing machine, constant temperature, production is automatic sensor, spot is automatic analyzer
Sponsor square: Henan saves mechanical Joint Industry Conference

Undertake square: Exhibition of Zhengzhou good rich engineers limited company

Assist do square:
Exhibit meeting network address: Http://
Exhibit meeting specification: We devote oneself to to make mid region the most influential force and chinese mainland area reveal the regional exhibition with best effect.
Join WTO as the arrival of intellectual economy times and Chinese success, our country machinist job will face new opportunity and challenge. International manufacturing industry Xiang Rou sex is changed, fictitious change, shape quickly, technical intelligence is changed, compositive change and way of product diversification, individuation develops, this must undertake with respect to requirement enterprise technical reformation and accelerate adjust product structure.
Henan province all through the ages is our country's important industry base, as “ of 16 big countries mid rise abruptly of ” strategy carry out, and commerce of mid investment of China of the last ten-day of a month negotiated in April 2007 exposition is held in the success of Zhengzhou of Henan provincial capital, big medium or small Henan of settle of try to be the first of project of of all kinds investment, central Plains area is right the demand of the new material related to manufacturing industry, new technology, new product, new facility is all-time increase, the demand is higher and higher, the communication that uses Central Plains area to facilitate extremely and peculiar area radiant emitance, timely hold the 10th Central Plains to make gain meeting and nondestructive detect, material test and manage change exhibition of the quality control that analyses a respect and test instrument, quicken pace of oneself technology structural adjustment, urge the dominant position between the industry complementary reach new technology new product popularize application, increase capacity of business market competition, show business new scene, extend the good chance of international, home market.
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