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Technology of aerospace of 2008 China International and equipment exhibition
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2008Technology of China International aerospace and equipment exhibition Time: On December 3, 2008 - 5 days Place: Center of Beijing · China International exhibitionDirective unit: Aerospace of Beijing of China of MII of People's Republic of China learnsAssistance unit: Company of group of Information Industry of electron of China of Center for Scientific Technical Information of Chinese national defenceSponsor an unit: Chinese Beijing aerospace learns association of Chinese aerospace toolAssist run an unit: Industry of aviation of China of company of group of industry of Chinese spaceflight family company of the first groupIndustry of aviation of China of company of group of Chinese arms industry company of the 2nd groupShipping of China of company of group of Chinese electron science and technology weighs industry group companyUndertake unit: Chinese Beijing aerospace learns Beijing look forward to to send an exhibition to serve limited companyAbroad representative: The international trade that inspect annulus (Holand) company of imports and exportsIntroductiveBeijing aerospace is exhibited show concentration technology of aerospace of China and foreign countries and equipment to reach its newest achievement, pay attention to serve for the small and medium sized business inside course of study and company of production of form a complete set and create business chance. Devote oneself to to will postpone the grand meeting of the communication that can make technology of aerospace of China and foreign countries and equipment and collaboration, offer for manufacturer of China and foreign countries and scientific research orgnaization wholeheartedly with good reputation " one-stop " extend meeting service. "2008 China (Beijing) international aerospace technology and equipment exhibition " sponsor by national defence Center for Scientific Technical Information learn to be sponsorred jointly by aerospace of association of Chinese aerospace tool, Beijing, be versed in by Chinese spaceflight division industry of aviation of company of group of industry of shipping of company of group company, group of Chinese arms industry, China, China company of group of science and technology of electron of company of the first group, China assist do to save city aviation, spaceflight, astronautics 15 times to be able to support by the whole nation; Limited company of service of exhibition of hair of Beijing look forward to undertakes will in December 2008 3-5 day is in " China International exhibits Beijing · center " hold ceremoniously. Run a department in relevant government and travel owner domestic aviation will is below support energetically production enterprise, aviation maintenance business provides superexcellent commerce and technical platform. The aerospace equipment supplier that comes from world each country will show the newest, most advanced equipment and skill to the user of other area of China and Asia, drive the development of career of our country aerospace and economic progress to make due contribution. We will increase the propagandist strength that exhibits to Beijing boat through media, true-blue invite an industry to be in charge of leader, global person of the same trade, broad user and presence of professional technology personnel to exhibit meeting. In the meantime, the organizing committee will ask to hold relevant product to recommend in what exhibit meeting site basis to postpone business meeting, to exhibit business formulate " conjugate plans " , to just be offerred each the network is mixed obtain the long-term help that seeks a partner.
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