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Multilayer PCB press temperature and method of pressure uniformity test
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Multilayer use indispensably namely in PCB treatment process pressure close machine, and what the character influence that the uniformity that presses the uniformity that combines machine pressure and temperature adds up to to pressing comparatives is big, and the kind that how passes a test undertakes periodic detects its stability, assure a product thereby pressure combine quality. There is the relevant discussion that what undertake with respect to this problem in forum, the discussion result that shows amid is as follows integratedly:  
The uniformity of 1. pressure checks a method:
Check to pressure uniformity, have a kind of special induction paper, action is equivalent to Laogao's duplicating paper, the effect is better, the price is very expensive nevertheless. The lead that returns usable standard additionally is arranged check inside press, the each paragraphs damage that each lead surveys after the end is thick the uniformity that also can know press  , and numerical value can be quantified.
Additional, vulgarrer method is to use carbon to be put in a piece above white paper, undertake controlling the operation that combine, check a course to press the moulage that stays on the white paper after closing next, can know which position approachs press platform add up to inadequacy, which position pressure is even.
The uniformity of 2. temperature checks a method:
Use thermocouple thermometer, make a few thermocouple lines more, next the position according to platform, use at 9 o'clock or more dotty is placed, pressurization hind records the temperature data of each position, all computation is occupied and make the form of diagrammatize next, can very intuitionistic see conveniently whole press the temperature uniformity case that closes platform. Still can pass a test for many times at the same time, get the metabolic state of temperature reappearance, evaluate systematically thereby pressure combine the function of machine.

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