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New product of balancing machine of 2008 China International, new technology (Sh
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2008China International balancing machine is newProduct, new technology(Shanghai) purchase Fair China'sinternationalbalancingmachineofnewproducts, newtechnologies(Shanghai)FairThe corresponding period holds: The 3rd China (Shanghai) material experiment machine and exhibition of environmental test equipment ---Time: On August 18, 2008- 20 days---Place: Shanghai Pudong exhibition[sponsor an unit] : Chinese machinery makes equipment guild Guild of machinery of Chinese industry automation Chamber of commerce of enterprise of Chinese foreign trade[Support an unit] : Chinese automation learns Chinese machinist Cheng learnsAppearance of instrument of China of Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference learnsHong Kong productivity promotes labour union of a person of same business of industry of central Taiwan machinery[Market background] : Shanghai is center of Chinese commerce, finance, economy, information, also be the main base of countrywide imports and exports, have advantaged market environment, also be the strategic important place that our country modern industry grows, ethical industry is arisen the cradle with development, already made Hong Kong and Taiwan and world each district modern industry attention and the world famous city that gather, have country's biggest market; In recent years, the delta of the Yangtse River that is a center with Shanghai owns numerous plant, the huge market space that the industrialized process place of its change quickly brings more be inspected by travelling merchant of China and foreign countries the ground that contends for surely, to promote communication of IT of industry of balancing machine equipment, advance the development of the industry, strengthen international market of the pace that conforms with international, development home, strengthen international market of the pace that conforms with international, development home,, 2008New product of China International balancing machine, new technology (Shanghai) purchase Fair "In August 18- - 20 day general are held ceremoniously in Shanghai.
Current exhibition will with brand-new attitude, outstanding service, giant buy group and rich learning to communicate an activity consecratory accord receives a visitor business, the assemble, reveal domestic and international in recent years content of science and technology of balancing machine equipment tall, craft new, technology the technical equipment with advanced, good quality, user of farther stimulative terminal and make, the communication of branch of research and development and collaboration, information of communication supply and demand reachs channel of produce and sale, introduce trends of science and technology and development trend, the market of achievement of stimulative science and technology is changed.
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