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Metric test and quality control Shandong international technical exhibition
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Time: On September 10, 2008 - 12 days of places: International exhibition center of Jinan of · of new and high area (the road austral industry 28) Approve an unit: Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of ChinaSponsor an unit: Shandong of association of industry of bearing of electric equipment of province of Shandong of stimulative center of development of trade of classics of Asia of stimulative union of trade of China International of society of machinist Cheng of China of government of Jinan city people saves mould industry associationAssist run an unit: Nondestructive of society of Chinese machinist Cheng detects manage of society of branch China machinist Cheng is changed examine branch Machinist Cheng of China of branch of environmental protection of society of Chinese machinist Cheng learns Shandong of bureau of science and technology to save mechanical design academyUndertake unit: Qingdao Hai Han can exhibit letter of limited company Jinan to exhibit exhibition limited companyAbroad undertake: Hong Kong east harbor international shows limited company

ThemeHarmony of innovation China production Shandong developsTenetSincere letter serves, make the development platform with top-ranking industry!

☆ is exhibited meeting 7 large dominant positions One, powerful powerful combination, authoritative organization Via approval of department of national science and technology, the oldest engineering course learns the whole nation---Government of people of city of society of Chinese machinist Cheng, Jinan is sponsorred jointly, national ministries and commissions and support of relevant guild your kind effort, major of domestic and international much home postpones meeting tissue business strong collaboration, make industry distinguished gathering together. 2, internationalization dimensions, develop advanced technology and technology Provide one of exhibition of industry force most as northern region, 2008 exhibit can set 2000 international standard to exhibit beforehand, 20000 square metre show an area, predict ginseng of many 1200 domestic and international well-known company is exhibited; International is large purchase round, major to visit business and number to buy the home, audience to be participated in with all one's strength; Item on display has international level, reflect the advanced technology of international manufacturing industry and technology, equipment. 3, radiation market, hold in store is gigantic business chance 2008 exhibition basically serve Shandong area, connection southeast Asia, carry on move of day Han industry, radiation Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanxi, Tianjin, Henan, Heibei and northeast part area. Shandong saved mechanical industry to share dimensions above business 2007 6736, total production value eight hundred and forty billion and thirty-three million yuan, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 34.47% ; Achieve sales revenue seven hundred and seventy-two billion and thirty million yuan, grow 35% compared to the same period; Industry raises a cost one hundred and ninety-one billion nine hundred and sixty-one million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 27.39% ; Whole nation of sales revenue house visits town each the 2nd, profit resides the first.
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