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Machine of pull test of spin fiber material
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9. effective flexibility and lag loss:
On machine of pull test of spin fiber material, the percentage elongation with go to sample drawing certain with fixed rate or drawing
Arrive when formulary bear, determine the compare percentage of the work that resumes when sample is contractive and the meritorious service that when promoting, consume, namely
For effective flexibility; Determine losing of the place when sample is stretchy, contractive can with stretchy when 100 minutes when compare of the meritorious service that consumes
Several, it is lag loss namely.

6. Engine of pull test of spin fiber material is main computation index
A. Loading yuan: 0 - 5000N interval is chosen match
B. Force resolution: 1/10000
C. Force accuracy: ≤0.5 %
D. Force enlarge is diploid: 7 paragraphs of automatic switch
E. Displacement resolution: 1/1000
F. Displacement accuracy: ≤0.5 %
G. Metallic amplify plan resolution: 1/1000
H. Metallic amplify plan accuracy: ≤0.5 %
I. Be out of shape greatly amplify plan accuracy: ±1mm
J. Speed limits: 0.001 - 1000mm/min (Yi Ke of special test rapidity depends on client demand custom-built)
K. Walk space: 950mm (do not contain space of clamp, special test to also can depend on client demand custom-built)
L. Test width: 350mm (special test width also can depend on client demand custom-built)
M. Use power source: ?20V50HZ.
N. Power: Make an appointment with 600W
O. Machine stage dimension: Wide × of?60×660×1600mm long × is tall.
P. Machine stage weight: ?80kg.

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