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Machine of pull test of spin fiber material
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H. A variety of languages random switch: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English.
I. Software has the history to check data to demonstrate a function.

4. Accessories of aircraft of pull test of spin fiber material
A. Protect solid book and Chinese operation manual one year each one.
B. Give clamping apparatus of machine of pull test of material of standard spin fiber randomly a group (choose and buy of other clamping apparatus) .
C. Machine of pull test of spin fiber material is special test software.
D. Brand computer, chromatic printer

5. Machine of pull test of spin fiber material can test an item
(one) common test project: (common indication value and computation are worth)
● of   of ● tensile stress   tensile strength
● pulls ● of intensity     to pull percentage elongation
● extends ● of stress     to decide stress percentage elongation surely
Force of ● calm stress is worth   ● tear strength
● random nods force to be worth   ● random to nod percentage elongation
Force of agglutinate of ● of   of   of ● drawing force   and computation of value extraction a peak are worth
Force of agglutinate of ● of   of ● compression test   comes off force experiments
● of   of ● bend test   pulls out force puncture force experiments

(2) special test project:
1. stretch coefficient namely quantity of model of flexibility poplar family name
Definition: With phasic law to stress heft and law to meet an emergency than. To determine the coefficient of material tigidity, its are worth
Taller, material jumps over Jiang Ren.
2. scale is restricted: Loading is inside certain limits with stretchy and OK the relationship that maintains direct ratio, its are the biggest stress is namely than the limit.
3. flexibility is restricted: Can bear for material and do not show permanent the greatest stress that be out of shape.
4. flexibility is out of shape: After eliminate loading, of material be out of shape disappear completely.
5. is permanent be out of shape: After eliminate loading, material still remains be out of shape.
6. yield point: When material drawing, be out of shape add fast and stress is changeless, it is yield point at this o'clock namely. Yield point cent is fluctuation yield point,
General above yield point serves as yield point.
Succumb (Yield) : Loading exceeds scale to be restricted with stretchy become direct ratio no longer, loading is met light, it is next inside period of time,
Rise and fall up and down, stretchy happening bigger change, this kind of phenomenon makes succumb.
7. succumbs intensity: When drawing, permanent percentage elongation achieves some to set the loading of the value, except break an area formerly with parallel ministry,
The business of earning.
8. bedspring K is worth: With be out of shape be the same as phasic active force heft and deformation than.
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