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Machine of pull test of spin fiber material
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J. Whole journey displacement: Suo gizzard?500P/R, promote 4 times precision
Use capacity of LINEDRIVE coder interference rejection extremely strong
Displacement is analytic 0.001mm.
Small be out of shape: Metallic amplify plan, analytic 0.001mm (choose and buy)
K. Safe device: Bi of  earnestly Shou; Deceive of pa of ㄗ of pull up of flood of humorous of Luan of shipboard of ⑸ of  pa deceive?
Leakage of electricity breaks electric system, automatic breakpoint automatically to stop machine function.
M. The hand charges means: Can add device of wireless remote control or hand to use operation case. (choose and buy)

3. Function of software of machine of pull test of spin fiber material introduces:
A. Test standard is modular function: Does Mei of τ of Lu of  of ㄋ of Zan of Gu of mystery of Mao ┦ A Chinese-style unlined garment seek dainty?
Standard set, limits covers GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS, BS… to wait. Test standard standard.
B. Try taste a data: Does the Huaihe River of  of Jin of fat  of cloud of Xing of  of ㄋ of Zan of Gu of mystery of Mao ┦ A Chinese-style unlined garment ask Cong?
Data is permanent repeat use. Can add long formula to agree with a gender in order to improve test data by oneself.
C. Double forms for reporting statistics edits: Does  of  of over sixty years of age climb dainty of ┎ of  of Hui of ū of  of Su of murder of the mystery that wring A Chinese-style unlined garment crash ≡ ?
The format of forms for reporting statistics of own be fond of (test program adds built-in EXCEL forms for reporting statistics newly
Editor function expanded before the pattern of onefold and professional forms for reporting statistics)
D. Unit of each length, power, indication digit uses dynamic crossing-over means, power unit T, Kg, N, KN, G, Lb, be out of shape unit Mm, Cm, Inch.
E. Graphical curve measure is automatic maximize AutoScale, can make graph with
Optimal measure shows. And but at switch of trends of graph of the real time in the test. Provide
Have loading - displacement, loading - time, displacement - time, stress - meet an emergency
Loading - outspread at 2 o'clock graph, and much curve is comparative.
F. Test result is OK the data form output of EXCEL format.
G. Test end can file automatically, the hand is moved file, the test ends to be begged automatically calculate the greatest power, on, next succumbing intensity,
Outspread intensity, tensile strength, compressive strength, aleatoric dot decides lag annulus law, step-by-step method, disproportional stretchy intensity,
Aleatoric dot decides negative charge quantity of outspread, stretch model, outspread rate, come off the interval maximum, least value, average, net energy is measured,
Fold return energy, total energy, curve a model displacement of % of X of loading of % of X of displacement of quantity, breakpoint, breakpoint loading, etc.
Data backup: Test data is insurable existence random hard disk is divisional.
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