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Machine of pull test of spin fiber material
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· product value: 48 thousand yuan / the stage rises 1 times order
· company name: River city opens source experiment machinery plant
· contact: Zhu Gang (gentleman)
· phone: 0514-86166099
· mobile phone: 13358132078
· address: garden of industry of city bank lake
· business spreads: Http:// Id=64
Machine stage model: Machine of pull test of material of fiber of KY8000 series spin

One. Machine of pull test of spin fiber material is summarized
Machine of pull test of spin fiber material can is opposite balata, plastic, epispastic material, plastic, filmy, spin
Knit, the material of material of rice of fiber, accept, high polymer material, composite material, synthesis, belt that pack, paper
Piece, leather belt of wire cable, fiber-optic cable, safety belt, safety belt, leather, shoe kind, adhesive plaster,
Material of component of polymer, spring steel, stainless steel, cast, nonferrous metal, car, alloy and
Metalloid material and metallic stuff have other drawing, compress, bend, tear off, 90° comes off,
180° comes off, cut, agglutinate force, pull out the experiment such as force, outspread percentage elongation.

2. Norms of main engine of aircraft of pull test of spin fiber material
A. High accuracy United States passes power power sensor: 0~5000N20ton.
Force precision is in ±0.5 less than.
B. Capacity section:  the Tang Dynasty knocks at a?times;1, ×2, ×5, ×10, ×20, ×50, ×100
Use high accuracy 24bitsA/D, sampling frequency 200Hz
Whole journey power is the greatest resolution 1/1000, 000
C. Dynamical system: The land on felt mother's brother melt lever of silk of driver + ball communicates below pine of? of black of Liang Europe  (Taiwan is produced) +
Synchronism of linear bearing + takes polished rod of + of German decelerate machine transmission.
D. Control a system: Means of control of UlseCommand of 肞 of take along sth to sb makes control more essence of life is accurate
Speed controls limits 0.001~1000mm/min.
Yoke plate is adjusted in have rapid coarse adjustment and slow function of fast fine tuning.
Test hind stores automatic regression origin, automatically.
E. Data transmits means: RS232 is transmitted
F. Indication means: UTM107 WIN-XP checks software computer screen to show.
G. Concise whole journey first gear and exact whole course 7 archives force is linear dual corrective system.
H. Software of luxurious test interface can realize calm speed, fixed position to move, calm loading (but set holds time) , calm loading
Add rate, calm stress to add rate, calm meet an emergency to add the control mode such as rate to be added multistage control mode can satisfy disparate test to ask.
I. Test space: Dainty key Ji still?50mm (standard norms)
Yoke plate walks dimensional 950mm (do not contain clamping apparatus) (standard norms)
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