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Fluid pressure type is all-purpose experiment machine operating rules
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1.Make master switch receives electrify source.
2.According to sample, choose measure range, be hanged on fork or take lap thallium and adjust trimmer valve handle, aim graticule.
3.Load corresponding collet according to sample appearance and dimension fluctuation gate inside.
4.In depict implement on bowl, roll press good record paper (graph paper) , this ability when just needing undertakes.
5.Electromotor of actuate oil pump, to turn on sends oily a powerful person to make try an ascendant paper 10 millimeter, close oily valve next, if try a stage,oil pump need not leave to send oil first when already raising a position, had involved a powerful person sending oil only can.
6.Place sample one end at going up in gate.
7.Actuate oil pump adjusts pressing with a finger to aim dial at 0 o'clock.
9.Get on push rod depict a pen to put down enter represent preparative state (the ability when needing to depict undertakes) .
10.By the speed adding carry on one's shoulder that the experiment asks, adagio to turn on sends oily a powerful person to undertake adding carrying on one's shoulder or back experimenting.
11.Oily valve is closed after sample ruptures, stop oil pump electromotor.
12.The record needs numerical value and will depict.
13.Open return valve, after discharge carries on his shoulder or back, passive needle is dialed at 0 o'clock.
14.Get off the sample after rupturing.
15.Compress reach bend wait for an experiment to be able to consult afore-mentioned each undertake operating.

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