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Man-made of type of MWD-10B liquid crystal board characteristic of function of u
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Man-made of type of MWD-10B liquid crystal board universal test machine is to be aimed at man-made board, facing man-made board undertakes all sorts of manage change function experiment to check development to produce, contented GB17657-1999 " board manage changes man-made board and facing man-made function experiment method " requirement, can undertake exterior agglutination intensity, static music intensity and stretch model are measured, hold bolt power, inside combinative strength survey a test, it is company of production of man-made board, timber and quality supervisory branch ideal detects equipment.

Its characteristic is as follows:
1) uses structure of table of coexistence column table, bodily form cabinet, modelling is beautiful.
2) uses handwheel to rotate to load, convenient, fast.
3) configures wide screen liquid crystal to show control system, real time shows experiment strength.
4, main technique index:
1. is the biggest trial power: 10000N
Precision of 2. trial power: Pang Song?%
Resolution of 3. trial power: 1N
4. experiment space is effective width: 400mm
5. protects a function: When exceeding 2%-5% of power of the biggest test stop automatically machine.

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