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The characteristic of experiment machine clamping apparatus and classification
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1, the characteristic of clamping apparatusA. We know through clamping apparatus clip holds sample (or product) undertake thrust augmentation to sample, clamping apparatus can a the size of susceptive trial power is clamping apparatus very main index. The size of the size that it decided to place recognizance form and the labor intensity that clamping apparatus operates, sample material has metal and metalloid branch character, appearance has the branch of size. The composition composition of material is various, sample can susceptive experiment force is small to ox of a few li (if spin uses silk of ammoniac black silk ribbon) , go to a few tons greatly (wait like common rolled steel; Country's biggest electron type is all-purposeExperiment machineTrial power is 600KN, ) of 0.5 level machine, sample size is small to diametical φ0.006mmgold-rimmed, arrive greatly diameter1mPVC canal material. The shape size of the trial power that this differs with respect to requirement basis, sample chooses to design different fixture. B. To the requirement of clamping apparatus material:
① . To general metal and metalloid sample, the gate of clamping apparatus is contacted with sample directly, choose steel of structure of high grade alloy commonly, alloy high-carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel) , Leng Zunmo provides steel to wait, increase its intensity, wearability through proper heat treatment technology. Also set rolled steel of outfit special type in gate place sometimes, or in gate surface spray Jin Gang is arenaceous wait.
② . To the clamping apparatus of power of a few small experiments, the surface that contacts with sample is used stick soft qualitative rubber to wait.
Body of ③ clamping apparatus uses steel of structure of high grade medium carbon steel, alloy commonly, increase its through proper heat treatment technology mechanical function. Also use the nonferrous metal such as aluminium alloy and special type metal to reduce weight sometimes. C. To the requirement of clamping apparatus structure:
① . The designs main basis material experiment standard of clamping apparatus and sample (refer in particular to finished product and semi-manufactured goods) model shape and material are qualitative. The experiment level that above place says is to point to ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, BS, JIS... wait, still industry standard, occupation standard waits, these make appearance and experiment method have strict regulation to sample commonly in the standard, we can reach the clamping apparatus with the different different design of experiment method according to sample.
② . The structure that clamping apparatus itself did not secure (if tinsel can be used,twine means clamp, also can use two flat clamp, sample of metallic thin plate can use wedge clamp means, also can use pair of clip clamp means) , this and lead plane have clear distinction. Of lead plane home, abroad very much the same, and of clamping apparatus abroad, domestic distinction is very big, there also is big distinction between different company. This basically depends on the integral level of the company, of the experience that designs staff accumulate.
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