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The function characteristic of machine of pull test of LDS- 5A electron
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One, product function characteristic: This experiment machine uses system of homebred dc servo timing; Use advanced chip compositive technology, the data of professional design collected transition of system of enlarge, control, A/D to realize complete digitlization to adjust (full automatic digitlization measures power module, full automatic digitlization is measured long module, full automatic digitlization drive module) . This machine applies to all sorts of material the test of mechanical function index; Control software can come true to be begged automatically take succumb the groovy data such as intensity, tensile strength, the computer controls a system to accord with the requirement of corresponding metal stuff and level of metalloid material state to the control of experiment process and data processing. One, main use and scope of application
This equipment can be begged take tensile strength, rupture intensity, come off intensity, tear strength. This equipment is applied to aerospace, waterproof quality of the manufacturing industry such as cloth of labor of the cable of a material, wire, bedspring, spin, balata, pottery and porcelain, industry that pack, land, filmy, paper and various product supervises a department.
2, main technique index: 1, power of the biggest test: 5kN; 2, trial power divides shelf: × 1, × 2, × 5 3 archives; 3, measure range: 0- 5kN; 4, trial power measures precision: The ± of excel indication 1% ; 5, drawing journey: 0-800mm; 6, displacement resolution: 0.01mm;

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