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What is the accuracy class of experiment machine
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In JJG 139-1999 " tensile, pressure and regulations of calibrating of universal test machine " the experiment engine level in has 0.5/1/2 extremely 3 kinds.

Each index of the experiment machine of 3 level is different, be like:

Trial power indication (opposite error, repeatability is opposite error, wait relative to error, opposite resolution, opposite at 0 o'clock error into the return trip) , coaxial is spent, speed is waited a moment.

The accuracy class that says experiment opportunity so is the integrated precision level of experiment machine.

Of 5.2 experiments machine classification the index of each error that experiment machine measures power system accuracy according to its token and the opposite resolution that indicate device differentiate to be mixed for 0.5 class, 1 class, 2 class 3 class 4 level

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