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YAW is full automatic function of cement pressure testing machine and characteri
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(Machine of 1) this experiment uses structure of type of double pillar frame, platen installation is in on on on fixed beam, next platen have to load to sample up below the action in drive guide screw, communication servo control and transmission system install the bottom in lead plane. Experiment machine uses system of timing of Japanese communication servo, control high accuracy, high frequency noise communicates servo electric machinery, drive accurate ball guide screw deputy have a test, , experiment process is smooth, efficient. (2) uses liquid crystal to show controller, according to national level GB/T17761-1999 " law of proved recipe of check of cement mortar intensity " the requirement has a test, the control of process of the set of parameter of the experiment in process of the independent experiment that finish, experiment, data is collected, processing, analysis and show. Can realize sheet already experiment, also can have group of tests. Control and measure nicety, accurate, quick, convenient, reliable.
(3) can ask according to the user outside receive personal computer, undertake statistic and processing to test data, output the experiment curve that prints all sorts of requirements and test report next, can realize function of net of the memory, couplet that print, intelligence, agile.
(4) has the function that initiative position returns after the experiment ends, efficient, quick.
(The spacing protection function that 5) has working place and overload, shed protective function too, reliable, safe.
(6) brand personal computer reachs printer, quality assures.

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