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The structure of hydraulic press of SMC/BMC glass reinforced plastics and charac
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1, press all is means of hydraulic pressure drive, wear type and assorted frame type basically for casing of 4 pillar, whole 3 kinds of forms. Equipment of large high accuracy is frame type construction more. 2, stiffness is tall, can amount to 1/8000 above, cooperated to reduce a machine tool to be out of shape with mould photograph so to making influence. 3, frame type slideway uses heatproof radiate structure, alleviated heat is out of shape the influence of pair of slideway clearance. 4, use without oil-lubricated what guide plate replaces a tradition is rare oil-lubricated guide plate, avoided lube to splatter leakage and evaporate to be reached to environment and SMC raw material make destroy. 5, small-sized press has the guide that change a pattern, large press can have structure of separate the car that change a pattern, do not join with lead plane locking, after the mould changes, carry away. 2, the craft characteristic of SMC/BMC press: 1, rate of be issued to lower levels of slide block light locomotive trip is rapid, it is 200-500mm/s more; High-pressured journey is small, rate is low, press beforehand it is 5-25mm/s commonly. 2, have bigger unplug modular force, can amount to the 1/5 of gross tonnage, have slow fast ajar model function, prevent goods to tear off pull. 3, protect pressure (continuously pressurization) pressure is stable, rate of step up of certain technology need, pressure release is rapid. 4, have set of much phase speed and stepless to adjust a function, can be opposite press beforehand, pressurization, protect pressure (continuously pressurization) the parameter such as the speed that waits for level, pressure, position, time has free set.

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