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The intellectual detailed of compression experiment machine is solved
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The omnibus experiment of terrarium
One, experimental purpose and requirement
1, the intensity that can achieve terrarium adroitly tests an item
2, the stress to intensity effect that understands glass
3, training participator solves problem ability integratedly.
2, the test is basic content
1, the stress of terrarium experiments
2, the compression of terrarium experiments
3, of terrarium be able to bear or endure internal pressure experiments
4, the acid-proof experiment of terrarium
3, experimental equipment, tool and material
1, test equipment: Compression of pressure boost of TYJ-B linear rate controls experiment machine
Electron of personal computer control is all-purpose (tensile) experiment machine
2, material: Vitreous bottle
4, experimental principle
Increase the internal pressure of terrarium with formulary rate, the destruction that observes terrarium circumstance
Reducing intensity is bring to bear on on sample reduce load to burst (brittleness material) or generation succumbs phenomenon (blame brittleness material) when, unit cross section is accumulated on can susceptive load. Succumb to be seemed now be out of shape inside some short time increase and the appearance that load raises no longer. Reducing a test is determine to what plastic container has ultimate compressive strength. In experimental process, next platen move up slowly, should go up when platen and sample are contacted, its compress signal to begin to dispatch a system through sensor in, create stress thereby, curve of meet an emergency or other curve, can get the biggest the cost that reduces force.
5, experimental measure
1, stress examination
2, be able to bear or endure internal pressure experiments
(1) , if the instrument is long-term,receive electrify source need not, should warm-up 5 minutes
(2) , it is normal whether examination appearance shows, it is normal to nod instrument of the examination that move key by fluctuation and the working status of empty running.
(3) , begin a test. Place appearance bottle park the clamp on bottled buy, whether examination opening is in central position and adjust in time. Close box door right now.
(4) , have set to parameter by experiment requirement
3, compression experiments (use machine of all-purpose electron experiment)
(1) switch on the mobile phone. Switch on the mobile phone ordinal: Printer of computer → of experiment machine → .
(2) by software the means that start enters software, the sensor with right choice undertakes online.
(3) experiment plan is about to make in option of window of input user parameter.
(4) the input saves file to disk file name, or use acquiescent file name.
(5) measure sample size.
A. Choose appropriate platen according to the dimension of sample, will contain next of locknut on platen outfit is on experiment machine connect, insert on plug, rotate locknut will go up platen locking. B. Put next platen experiment machine clamping apparatus on. C. Put sample to next platen. D. Be worth force to clear.
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