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Our test machine was awarded the hosting of new electrical load of new large o
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December 13, Kaihua letter Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen electrical load test machine has awarded the hosting of a large Fortune 500 companies order. Electrical load testing machine, the company is scientific research and development engineers dedicated to the life of electrical test products, and its scientific and rational design, structure, strict clever, powerful and practical products on the market has been welcomed by customers. Has the following characteristics: (1) science portfolio and powerful. Each set of products, including its five units, each with different parameters can be product tests, completely changed the traditional test equipment can only do one a product of history, saving the customer's human and material resources to improve the efficiency of the test, only the improvements, improve resource utilization more than four times. (2) parameter precision, easy to operate. Electrical load testing machine to provide each current 0 ~ 75A, 0 ~ 15A per unit to provide current, accurate to the current 0.01A, current continuously available, easy to operate, according to customer needs, voltage from 110V ~ 380V freedom of choice and flexibility switch. (3) save space, beautiful and practical, electrical load test machine, using the cell stack combination of science, about the placement of the load space saving, panel by the paint handling, light and clean, powerful product in the realization of the same time, thoroughly change the traditional visual effects, a whole new feel to the customer experience. (4), stable performance, quality assurance. Electrical load testing machine after 11 years of continuous optimization, nearly a thousand sets of the operation, more than thirty customers a wide range of use, security, technology is mature, in good condition. Electrical load testing machine, fully realized in one machine, multiple loads simultaneously without disturbing each other. Test voltage conversion flexible and comfortable, great customer test requirements cheap. Electrical load testing machine, in working condition, the instructions clear identification. Electric resistive load test machine alloy components to the German Isa materials production, to ensure that the temperature drift resistive element is less than 50PPM, life expectancy more than 10 years. Equipment for customers in a unique air-cooled configuration path, make sure the heat generated when the work load, through scientific means to be discharged in time. Room temperature electrical load test is usually 260C, the laboratory staff of environmental temperature on the normal data collection, observation and maintenance, and guests such as visits to no effect.
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