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Method of vibration testing machine installation
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First, the vibration test machine installation 1, the first base station fixed the body four feet to be placed. 2, such as to be fixed in the table, preferably made of angle steel work table, desktop requirements level. 3, the body of shaking table control box input cable to the output of the hole. ① platform body then the vertical height of 15 cm Height 25 cm ② then sets the level of 4, then the power control box 220 ∨ / 50HZ 5, turn the power switch, select the waveform for the full-wave, the election vibration direction (vertical). 6, in accordance with the "Second, the configuration steps" to enter the parameter setting. 7, according to "three, frequency, operating instructions," adjusting features such as a single group, or sweep. 8, fine-tune the AM fixed in the middle. Press the "six, AM controls that" adjust amplitude. 9, at the beginning for the vibration test RUN. Second, the vibration test machine steps to set CD000 ~ CDNNN When entering the third article 5 of the meter is activated (flashing display T00.00) 1, according to PROG button appears CD000 (standard flash can change the direction keys) 2, then press ENTER key to enter the CD000 need to modify the value of the 3, after press the ENTER key to change appears END (CD000 value has been modified successfully) 4, the instrument will return to anti-CD000 screen, then press the up arrow appears CD001 CD001 above steps to modify the value, do not go on without modification. Operation can be followed. Third, the frequency of vibration test machine instructions 1, FM Parameter Description According to the following "four, set steps" to modify parameters: ① CD065 = 0, CD041 = 1, CD012 = CD013 = 0.1 (pre-set FM guide value) ② CD000 = frequency to be set (1 ~ 600HZ) ③ CD087 = execution time of the time (0 ~ 65000 seconds) ④ CD064 = running number of times (once so the total time = time × run times) ⑤ CD020 to the CD027 = 0, CD080 to the CD086 = 0, CD088 to the CD094 = 0, CD098 to the CD105 = 0 ⑥ Press the "six, AM control that" amplitude modulation ⑦ Press RUN key to do the vibration test, press the red button to stop the experiment.
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