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Jinan Testing Machine Stiffness
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Stiffness Tester | Compression Testing Machine | Test Machine Stiffness testing machine is mainly used for detection of railway track vibration pad compression performance testing. YAW-300C Stiffness Testing Machine Main purposes: STIFFNESS YAW-300C test machine in accordance with the national standard auto-complete group of six test loads automatically calculate the average static stiffness to determine the validity of test data. Mainly used for rubber mortar, compressive strength of concrete test blocks test can be used for rubber mats, tile brick, metal products, components and other materials compression test, the research institutes, rubber mats, quality inspection, industrial and mining enterprises , rubber mats, plastic sand ideal for test equipment and other departments. Main technical parameters: 1, the maximum test force: 300kN 2, the experimental force measurement range: 4% -100% FS 3, test power accuracy: better than ± 1% 4, the loading speed: 2400 ± 200N / S 6, the test space: 285 × 260mm 7, the pressure plate size: 140mm 8, Host Dimension: 580 × 520 × 400mm 9, Weight: 300kg WDW-30 testing machine STIFFNESS First, the main purposes: STIFFNESS WDW-30 test machine is a new generation dual-space static stiffness test machine. Test machine host and the design of assistive devices borrowed foreign advanced technology, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and reliable performance.
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