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The most northern section of high-speed rail through the universal testing machi
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Recently, the Bureau of Harbin to Qiqihar Railway twenty-passenger dedicated railway project director of the Central Laboratory of the Ministry of Liaoda Chang told reporters that, in order to ensure the most northern section of the current high-speed rail - Ha Qi passenger safety construction professionals for construction of a Line to provide accurate and reliable scientific evidence, central laboratory using the international advanced testing machine, metal and other materials for a variety of tension, compression, bending and shear tests and plastic, concrete, cement and other non-metallic materials Material compression test. Of iron in the same period】 【Twenty-off special projects Authority Hazy Center Laboratory Director of the Department of Liaotai Chang: "The test of welding technology, through the current and voltage, the pressure of time, this is the test electrical technology, welding if this place was Not strong, that is, welder technology problem, or current, current-voltage problems, so steel is now qualified. The tensile test, we need to do Bending test. If it is bent, we pull, the first step is to pull Second step, bending, bending without cracking can be considered qualified. " Liaoda Chang also told reporters, central laboratory, study different properties of concrete under different temperatures, to meet the construction site, the data obtained through experiments to guide the construction site, a hundred years to build China's high-speed rail. Of iron in the same period】 【Twenty-off special projects Authority Hazy Center Laboratory Director of the Department of Liaoda Chang: "Let's national high-speed rail technology in the international are the best, and our line is 300 km, 350 km so that our beam High iron thirty-two m this beam can be considered the world's most advanced. " It is understood, Kazakhstan Qi Binzhou railway passenger line with the existing line, Bin Sui together to form throughout the eastern Heilongjiang Province, eastern Mongolia convergence of large passenger and freight traffic channel, the Northeast is the "three vertical and four horizontal" railway network of the most re- East-west railway to be part of one of the national trunk road network, length of 286.893 kilometers of line. Since the railway line at high latitudes in China, by climate and geography influenced the environment, so the selection of construction on Very strict requirements.
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