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U.S. Masters testing machine products to achieve full coverage
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Recently, the U.S. Masters Industrial Systems Co., Ltd. (MTS) held in Shanghai, "2010, MTS global new product launches," the official launch of two new testing machine, testing machine products in order to achieve a "full coverage."
To fill the gaps in the static testing machine

The launch of two new products, called "MTSCriterion universal testing system", including the C40 and C60 series of static electronic universal hydraulic series, is in the high static testing machine. In the MTS (China) Shanghai branch of the product showroom, the company technical experts and dealers from around the world of agents a series of new products introduced features.

These two new products, in addition to the exterior design to be intuitive to know that it is MTS products, equipped with easy-to-house Test Juan Works software, using the world's leading high-precision MTSInsigh MTS controller and high-resolution digital controller, equipped with the latest international safety instructions, full-featured test protective cover. To meet global safety and ergonomics instruction, multiple choice test interface language can also be quickly configured, delivered and installed to meet the user's specific testing requirements.

"The main thing is its good accuracy and repeatability." MTS (China), President Chen Guoyu said that as a test machine, the results of each test should be roughly equal, while the MTS product excellent mechanical structure, sensors and control software to ensure The repeatability of the same.

Reporter noted that the participants almost all dealers and agents from overseas, and two high-tech products are produced in China. MTS wonders what the company strategy?

Together with the growth of the Chinese market

Founded in 1966, MTS Systems, is the largest high-performance and high precision mechanical test, simulation systems, and displacement sensor manufacturer based in Minnesota, separate listing in the NASDAQ. Company annual turnover of more than 4 billion U.S. dollars.

Industrial Test Systems, which is the testing machine, is divided into static and dynamic testing machine testing machines. Higher technological content of dynamic testing machine manufactured in the United States, according to Chen Guoyu said, MTS dynamic testing machine in the world accounted for a large share of the market, and no one can shake the industry leader. In a few years ago, still on the MTS testing machine is still a blank.

In order to further growth, through mergers and acquisitions leading to a static testing machine MTS testing machine companies to expand the coverage of products, MTS turned to reconsider the company's new Shenzhen, China (SANS).

SANS is the industry leader in static testing machine. In 2008, MTS acquired 40 million U.S. dollars to SANS. MTS-SANS is committed to a static testing machine in the high-end product development. "We do not produce low-end products," MTS-SANS DarraghMurphy general manager, said the reporter.

In fact, MTS does not value the acquisition of SANS --- the production of low-cost high-tech products the company is the product itself. Long-term strategy MTS testing machine with the Chinese market to grow together.

The service users first

China now has more than 1000 testing machine manufacturers, mostly engaged in low-end of the static test machine production, the market is chaotic, "like selling as iron." SANS previously thriving, and now, MTS has brought more advanced testing machines, the high-end products will continue to launch.

"In the future, continuously improving technology and product quality, we will service the first place, a conscious user base and help increase the level," Chen Guoyu said.

Chinese users, especially those small and medium enterprises, the use of the test machine is often not very familiar with, so product quality is not stable enough, by the price war for market competition, not to the quality to win.

Chen Guoyu said, MTS will help users to improve understanding of the use of the testing machine. Ideal for those manufacturers, the high level of testing machine is to help them improve product quality of the weapon.

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