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Software of An Jielun workstation supports apparatus of all mass spectra
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On June 2, install science and technology of nimble human relations to announce on ASMS, it expanded MassHunter workstation software, increased a lot of new functions, new module, support the mass spectra apparatus of all Anjielun. Mass spectra product line of An Jielun includes now: 4 only course 4 extremely lever fluid pledges couplet uses instrument (LC/MS) , two accurate quality measure decided flight time LC/MS, 3 accurate quality measure decided Q-TOFLC/MS, LC/MS of 4 ionic trap, two ternary 4 extremely lever LC/MS, a temperamental couplet uses appearance GC/MS, ternary 4 extremely temperamental couplet use instrument GC/MS/MS, two ICP-MS. MassHunter workstation offers onefold data to collect platform now, use in An Jielun TOF, q-TOF, ternary 4 extremely fluid is qualitative go up, very quick meeting is used in only course 4 extremely on lever; Function of MassHunter data processing, use at TOF, q-TOF, ternary 4 extremely lever, only course 4 extremely lever fluid is qualitative, go up with ICP-MS, temperamental couplet can be used very quickly with GC/MS and GC/MS/MS. "User but the interface from likeness, need not or very few study, can gain the good point of MassHunter workstation namely. " FrankKuhlmann of manager of product of qualitative software of An Jielun fluid says, "Because Anjielun's instrument already obtained lower detecting,be restricted and taller quality accuracy, we are designing software, use this kind of new function easily in order to help a client, improve productivity greatly, be in especially qualitative analysis respect " . MassHunter workstation of An Jielun can simplify mass spectra analysis, from the instrument tuning report to finally. Full automatic data analyses a process, comfortable the big information content at processing TOF and Q-TOF, this makes an user OK all compound in discovering sample, the with sample across block difference between sample, affirm easily and appraisal is sealed content. MassHunter workstation can undertake be countinged group by group occupying be seeinged without exception, the characteristic of the functional MassHunter workstation when including not to have parameter integral, curve to plan to add up to the province such as assistant is intuitionistic " compressed (Flat) " interface, make the user can arrive soon all pertinent information. It is central data processing with compound, can make the solution quickly from primitive data, software a lot of task automation, improved productivity thereby. The mensurable software with powerful function is wrapped, discharged plodding handiwork to handle measure. The function when the province includes: The curve plans to add up to assistant (Curve-fitassistant) , dynamic and associated result (Dynamicallylinkedresults) , outer damply (Outlierflagging) , become batch of data to be seen without exception (Batch-at-a-glancedatareview) and custom-built examine (Customizableviews) wait for a function, simplified to analyse. New characteristic: The MassHunter workstation of B.02.00 version, those who support Anjielun's new use jet to shed ionic focusing technology is high-powered 6460 ternary 4 extremely lever fluid pledges couplet uses a system. New characteristic includes: 100ms fast polarity is changed, quick much response is monitored (be as high as second of 300 pairs of MRMs/ ) function, use at 6460 ternary 4 extremely the book MRM that is used at much compound method, make ion is stationed in take time (Dwelltime) the biggest change, the MassHunterOptimizer of the time Duan Xin that installs jackknife automatically (optimize implement) can undertake specific compound individual or the MRM of many compound is optimized, apply at DMPK, food safety, environmental analysis, legal medical expert and the protein group with target mensurable content learn the data with MassHunter overall workstation to dig a function, make sealed matter admits to have higher reliability with appraisal really. Advanced molecular feature is extracted (Molecular-feature-extraction) function, can mix quickly automatically will complex LC/MS data file, changeover becomes a complete and accurate compound or molecular list, include the information such as time of molecular quantity, reservation, M/z and abundance. Use MassHunter workstation, but automatically from communal or private accurate quality database (include database of individual of content of metabolization of An Jielun METLIN and SpectrumMill) medium retrieval the compound that be interested, can use reservation time option. New MassHunterBioConfirm live thing affirms software, compositive now software of MassHunter qualitative analysis, use at analysing the protein of natural or enzymatic solution, and complex polypeptide. New unique macromolecule feature is extracted (LargeMoleculeFeatureExtractor) function, provided the unapproachable performance that complex albumen mixture analyses. MassHunter workstation also is the technological process of quality model job that Anjielunji becomes (Massprofilingworkflow) one part, use at learning in metabolization group, protein group learns and in other application, discover two or the difference between more example group. About An Jielun science and technology (science and technology of AgilentTechnologies) An Jielun (NYSE:A) it is world news report, electron, the banner supplier of life science and chemical analysis domain. The company has 19000 stuff, its business covers the whole world 110 countries. 2007 money year, the business income that brings science and technology of nimble human relations is 5.4 billion dollar. Information comes from: The analysis checks 100 sections

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