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Instrument appearance develops way
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Industrial automation appearance: Key development is based on technology of spot bus line advocate accuse systematic unit and intelligence to change special type and appearance, special automation appearance; Enlarge service territory in the round, the digitlization that boosts instrument meter system, intelligence is changed, network, appearance of the automation that finish from the imitate technology change to digital technology. Appearance of electrical engineering instrument: Special report measures watch of watch of electric energy of key development long life, electronic type electric energy, special type appearance and electrified wire netting are metric and automatic administrative system. Science checks an instrument: Kiln of appearance of the instrument of analysis of key development process, environmental protection instrument that monitor, industry furnace is energy-saving test of dynamic balancing, motivation reachs analytic instrument and the car component that want around fundamental industry place truckload measuring instrument of function detector, earth, electron fast measure appearance, measure model global location system. Appearance of environmental protection instrument: The environmental protection that expands atmosphere environment, water environment mainly monitors automation to control systematic product, protect in view of beaded finish execute the law strength accelerates environmental protection to build pace, increase environmental protection to build investment, cultivate environmental protection industry the need of new point of growth of economy of this one countryman. Analyse chemical instrument: The key studies direction includes: It is tall flux analysis, can analyse the sample with many test inside unit time namely. 2 it is extreme condition analysis, among them only member is one-celled analysis and operate for current and popular task. 3 it is online, real time, spot or in-line analysis, collect data output from sample namely, implementation is quick or the analysis of one continuous line. 4 it is couplet uses a technology, be about to two kinds (or two kinds of above) analytic technology connection, complement each other, finish more complex analysis job thereby. Medical treatment instrument, the key develops cure to use telescope; Become with the number picture, high-grade and black and white super- , colour exceeds, what colour exceeds transducer to be technology of key of research and development is supersonic and medical instrument; Processing system of X line image, open the instrument of large medical treatment such as system of type superconduction nuclear magnetic resonance and clinical information system; High-energy intelligence changes tumor to treat large instrument system.
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