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The city in raise inferior boost the morale of of factory of fittings of peacefu
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The city in raise inferior factory of fittings of peaceful instrument appearance is located in the Changjiang Delta Gu Cheng with pretty scenery----Raise of Zhenjiang the eastpart part child river bank, terraqueous communication is very easy, it is market scientific research, design, make, the professional production of unifinication of installation, ability, labour, trade accuses appearance to provide a powerful person or family oneself the bureau of national petrochemical industry that reachs product of bridge, generatrix orders a company surely. Main product has: All sorts of series such as fittings of valve of pipe fitting of valve of group of 235 a powerful person, electric equipment, pipe fitting, appearance, ball valve and shut-off valve. Enterprise only then built 1968, cover an area of a face to accumulate 26000 square metre, existing employee 350 people, personnel of of all kinds and professional technology 21 people, industry technology equips excellent, equipment is advanced, have large metal to collect bridge of line bridge, glass reinforced plastics, appearance to provide a powerful person or family professional product line 3 and major produces all sorts of equipment, deserve to of all kinds major detects metrological implement. The enterprise always pursues " quality the first, user the first, credit the first, the purpose that serves the first " , work around economy this one center, once battalion is bibcock, it is in order to manage assure, it is life with quality, with science and technology progress is motivation, it is a target with satisfying user requirement in the round, make the market of the product is had rate is constant rise, the company is lasting fast, steadily healthy progress. The quality guiding principle of the quality management that the enterprise holds to " rigor, reliable product quality, considerate sale service, good market reputation " , formed the quality guarantee system that has him characteristic, rich effect, in making product quality certain, have litre, counting decathlon state level in the construction of major project, product with high quality the high opinion that obtains an user, gained good reputation for the enterprise. Come for years, my enterprise has the honor to win unit of civilization of provincial and advanced company, province, province early or late progress of science and technology of fancy credit unit, province is advanced cleanness of unit, chemical industry is civilized factory, without leak factory, Chemical Industry Department 2 class are qualitative the glorious title such as check unit, department nation capacity familying livelihood assures to affirm standardization of unit, province manages quality of advanced company, province to manage the advanced company, commend that ever was saved a governor by Jiangsu to make. Now, the city in raise inferior factory of fittings of peaceful instrument appearance is facing future, quicken the pace that conforms with international in the round, achieve happiness in all hand in hand with more high quality job and client tomorrow

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