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Sichuan hill teachs result of project of instrument of experiment of science of
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The evaluation job of invite public bidding of project of instrument of experiment of science of magnetism of photoelectricity of bureau of a mountainous area education already ended Sichuan of city of Hefei of project number SHCG2008-019. Clinch a deal the project now result announcement is as follows: Purchase way: Emulative negotiation clinchs a deal vendor name and clinch a deal amount: The first win the bid unit: Anhui 3 create limited company to education equipment the 2nd win the bid unit: Limited company of equipment of education of Anhui article sea clinchs a deal certainly date: Contacted a method two years on June 4: Unit: A mountainous area government purchases Hefei city Sichuan central address: Hefei city looks Jiangxi road and go Sichuan of horn of southwest of mouth of hill road across is a mountainous area administrative service center 6 buildings 608 rooms contact: A mountainous area government purchases Sichuan of city of Hefei of Liu the East China Sea the support that the center appreciates each unit heartily to purchase the job to my district government, the government that hopes each unit attends my center actively to organize purchases an activity. If bid the unit thinks afore-mentioned winning the bid (clinch a deal) the result makes the rights and interests of oneself got damage, can be in win the bid since the day that announcement releases inside 5 days, to me with written form the center raises doubt. The fact that offers oneself rights and interests to be damaged and reason should be made clear in oppugning case, doubt phone: 0551-5597693. Information comes from: Hefei city Sichuan is a mountainous area the government purchases a center

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