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Division amount to associated Gao Cheng to attend spring whole nation 8 years to
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Recently, by Chinese higher education the society sponsors " the whole nation taught instrument equipment high to reveal December 2008 meeting " read extensively in Suzhou international the center is held ceremoniously. Division of banner the professional firm that inspect message amounts to ginseng of combination of Gaocheng of as compositive as application of educational shedding media expert to exhibit, roll out " solution of system of conference of long-range education video " reach " solution of monitoring of video of campus intelligence network " , appeared with " long-range, interactive, cooperation " the experience type education that is a feature, communicate means remotely will brand-newly to introduce the conference, classroom, religion grind, communication, evaluate, groom, each link such as restful campus. Those who include imitate to confuse your classroom is full automatic recorded broadcast demonstrates, order programme of direct seeding of experience of monitoring of video of experience of long-range teaching experience, Internet video conference, network, network experiences alternant form wait for immanent spot to demonstrate link, give priority to a problem in order to lead Chinese education enterprise long-range new era, bring full-court shock.
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