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Current situation of clamping apparatus of universal test machine reachs the ele
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A. The development direction of experiment machine is by make appearance detect to goods (namely finished product, semi-manufactured goods) detect way develops, the clamping apparatus that this gets used to to it with respect to the requirement develops.b to the clamping apparatus that is used at finished product to detect by the clamping apparatus that is used at standard sample experiment formerly. The use of clamping apparatus to efficient, the way of low labor intensity develops. The clamping apparatus in the past uses mechanical locking commonly, take time is arduous, labor strength is great, efficiency is low. As the improvement of working environment, reach large quantities of quantities to experiment (production line of random sampling observation) need, the clamp means of clamping apparatus develops to the direction such as baric clamp, hydraulic pressure clamp by original mechanical clamp. C. Full automatic clamping apparatus: Measure outfit clip from sample size, arrive again begin a test, give test report to finish finally. Cost of this kind of clamping apparatus is very high, the test of the same sample that applies to large quantities of quantities only or finished product and examine. D. The environment experiments (high low temperature experiments) grow in quantity, use the clamping apparatus grow in quantity at high low temperature. The environment experiments (box of high low temperature) grow in quantity, the design that gives clamping apparatus increased difficulty. We know level of state of high temperature tensile test has a regulation: Round sample uses whorl, board there is opening on sample. Because join means is secured, the design of clamping apparatus is relatively so simple. But test of high low temperature is disparate however, it is commonly the test is done in box of high low temperature, its sample is general gauge length is short (it is normal temperature sample commonly) . Come so clamping apparatus must be installed inside box of high low temperature, high small lukewarm experiment accepts restriction as a result of experiment plane travel commonly (the journey when experiment machine is installing standard clamping apparatus) , this asks clamping apparatus volume is minor, want to satisfy trial power again, want high temperature resistant, low temperature again, compare bad design commonly. E. Grow in quantity of successive experiment clamping apparatus. Because past is to make appearance detect commonly, the drawing of sample, compressing is apart undertake (namely drawing, compressing is to use what different clamping apparatus undertakes) , and finished product detects now increasing, sample is in same drawing should suffer again in second experiment, want press press to shrink again, want to have tall efficiency again, can use only same kind clamping apparatus does drawing again already compress. F. Special industry uses grow in quantity of experiment clamping apparatus. As the development of science and technology, a few burgeoning industries raised new requirement with clamping apparatus to the experiment, ask clamping apparatus texture is little for example, without magnetism, anti-corrosive (the test is done in solution) etc. As a result of the characteristic that experiment machine clamping apparatus uses, and appear of new material ceaselessly, the design of clamping apparatus lies all the time passive situation. We can encounter new material everyday, need designs new fixture. We sum up the successful experience in the past only, will comply with new development trend.

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