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DLP of heart state apparatus weighs experience of vision of model big screen
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The whole world is umbriferous the leader technology provider of the market ministry of career of product of DLP® of heart state apparatus today (10 days) hold at Shanghai " innovation pioneer leads agitation alone -- forum of height of innovation of China of DLP2008 of heart state apparatus " . During, the innovation that heart state apparatus shows multinomial and banner whole world first degrees in home is umbriferous product, include to suffer the miniature projector that fix eyes upon, newest DLP3D fully projector of high-definition family expenses, reach DLP3D double screen high-definition TV. Heart state apparatus also emphasizes innovation and quality paying equal attention to in the meeting, announce first industry precedent, manufacturer of supportive DLP projector is offerred do not be restricted to use hour of number 5 years DLP chip is protected character, reveal the determination that reduces cost of projector total hold. Ministry of career of product of DLP of heart state apparatus innovates through lasting and cooperate hand in hand with projector manufacturer, roll out a high reliability ceaselessly and the product that holds the dissimilation that have difference concurrently, plan for umbriferous industry not only brand-new blue print, also lead umbriferous product the daily life of people stage by stage, the big screen vision in redefine consumer life experiences. Big screen shows become a common practice is current, DLP weighs model by right of the advantage video watch an experience to show according to IDC data, chinese projector market grew those who have more than 23% 2008, outclass whole world the increase rate of 13% . In the meantime, new umbriferous product field also is expanding continuously, association of media of Pacific Ocean of market survey firm (PMA) beforehand the whole world includes estimate this year instant cinema (projector of three-in-one conformity type) , the shipment volume; that the burgeoning and umbriferous product such as toy projector, miniature projector will have nearly 400 thousand arrived 2012, the shipment of burgeoning and umbriferous product is measured more hopeful exceeds 1, 0. Growing report gives the height of umbriferous product the huge demand that consumer indicates to big screen, umbriferous product can use relatively more inferior than other monitor value to achieve the result with big umbriferous screen, also compare monitor of other big screen to be able to reduce the generation of electronic litter more, achieve the goal of environmental protection then, accordingly umbriferous product gets not only more and more attention, more each domains that begin to extend people to live, from the school, the office, sitting room, arrive even mobile phone. DLP umbriferous technology depends on height portable sex, dependability, innovate with each, quickening umbriferous applying gain ground, make a change people is video those who view an experience is important shove a hand. Innovation and quality pay equal attention to, DLP achieves again " the first " vice president of department of career of product of DLP of heart state apparatus and before LarsYoder of manager of umbriferous product business expresses: "DLP of heart state apparatus stands in the forward position that umbriferous industry innovates from beginning to end, created job inside multinomial ' the first ' record, it is 3D high-definition projector, LED avoids bulb projector no matter, or it is the miniature projector that is about to appear on the market, DLP product always can bring new surprise for the market. What must emphasize is, all innovation lay a foundation to be behaved at the high reliability of DLP technology and outstanding colour, accordingly, we announce to support a client to be in for its the education, business affairs, DLP with domestic theater market is odd chip type projector, offer the chip of 5 years of DLP that is not restricted to use hour of number to be protected character, again first industry beginning, reveal us to be dedicated to dropping the resolution of cost of projector total hold. " include at present bright base, rich can inspect, abstruse graph code, Toshiba, beautiful dispatch and the DLP projector firm that actor appoints inside represent happy see its are become, circumstance of oneself of intended union extends projector chip to keep time character. Mr LarsYoder is right also at present business affairs, education and the new trend that consume the market offer the following view: Business affairs market: Wide screen rises abruptly, miniature grabs delicacy to report for duty the notebook computer that 90% exceed on market at present is 16:1The wide screen of 0, lead in all-pervading of height of market of computer of wide screen notebook, projector market also blows wide screen tide. Sale of domestic WXGA projector grew 2007 nearly 4 times, predict market of global WXGA projector also will grow again 2008 3 times. DLP technology ranks market of projector of global wide screen lead position, the city of 73% is had to occupy in global WXGA market rate (DTC, in June 2008) . Each big projector manufacturer has rolled out the WXGA projector that uses DLP technology in succession, include: Bright base, abstruse graph code, grand base, Xia Pu, Toshiba, rich can inspect etc. Portable sex is business affairs one of main demand of umbriferous market, umbriferous technology predicts the miniature that because this suffers fully at present,fixes eyes upon will apply at business affairs market above all. DLP is in miniature precedes continuously on the development of umbriferous technology industry, by right of simple optics the system is mixed can shrink dinky DMD chip, DLP miniature is umbriferous product not only OK and built-in wait for operation unit at the mobile phone, also can become exterior formula product is accepted outside the independence with big palm only. Abstruse graph code already announced to use DLPPico™ outside developing independence, chip set receives type miniature projector, this product will 2008 end takes the lead in in Europe and Asia sale of set limit to, will face global promotion 2009. Educational market: Cost of short anxious Cheng Xinchong, low total hold suffers anxious projector of attention weak point most apply to the classroom environment with relatively limited space. Growth of short 2007 anxious projector is swift and violent, the whole world grows more than 3 times, most at teaching the market applying. Short anxious projector is tie-in and interactive type is white board latter more already made the burgeoning trend that teachs umbriferous market. The optical system with simple and easy DLP is helpful for short anxious projector make, because this is in market of anxious projector of global weak point, DLP holds the market share that is as high as 78% (DTC, january 2008) . In addition, after cost of low total hold causes education to take seriously generally of the market since last year oneself, buy high reliability, close smooth machine, and the projector product that does not have brand phenomenon, had made the new trend that teachs the market gradually. In addition, acme colour ™ gains ground more this year, the DLP chip of shipment of the 2nd season has more than 90% to have technology of acme colour ™ this year, of acme colour ™ gain ground change the value that will make educational market understand polychromatic processing and colour dependability more. Consume the market: Innovation is ceaseless, implementation image sound " big " Fun sends! The innovation technology of DLP of heart state apparatus brings the recreation with constant in a steady stream for family and individual. 3D is umbriferous, avoid bulb umbriferous, and personification recreation is umbriferous can come true now. Projectiondesign rolled out the whole world in June this year F10AS3D of projector of the first 3D, provide picture of unprecedented Gao Hua qualitative 3-D. F10AS3D is had 1, 400x1, 050 high resolution, but compatible 1080p draws simple question mark high, have the picture refresh rate of 120Hz, ensure 3D picture is vivid and clear; And for quite a long time consumer the misgive of bulb also comes out what avoid bulb projector as LED and eliminate to changing, LED illuminant applies 3 years ago first degrees at DLP pocket projector, domestic theater projector also will begin to use LED now, exceed the LED technology with sharp response tie-in and advanced rate inherently by right of DLP chip, enough creation of LEDDLP umbriferous function is as high as 200 trillion kinds, promote the colour gamut of 50% , bring up amount to 500, 000:1tall contrast, include abstruse graph code to wait for many DLP projector manufacturer will roll out before the end of the year nowadays taste newly; In addition, the pocket with cabinet bulk and miniature projector, and the toy projector with special modelling dream of recreational of big screen of personification of implementation of aux will be able to, own the small-sized theater that belongs to oneself at any time and place! Information comes from: Hubble-bubble net

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