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The distinction of Baume hydrometer and general densimeter
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Baume degrees (0B é ) it is to express solution pH indicator a kind of method. Measure place of Baume hydrometer immerge in solution, gotten degree calls Baume degrees. Baume degrees learns domestic wave beauty with Frenchify (AntoineBaume) name. Wave beauty is drug-store apprentice one's previous experience, ever held the post of professor of Parisian pharmaceutical college. He contrived areometer -- Baume hydrometer. The Baume hydrometer has two kinds: One kind makes weigh a watch, use at measuring heavier than water liquid; Another kind makes be expressed gently, use at measuring lighter than water liquid. After measuring Debomei to spend, from corresponding and chemical manual contrast in the watch can conveniently the chroma of quality per cent of fish solution. For example, measure thickly in 15 ℃ é of vitriolic 660B of Baume degrees room, checking the chroma of quality per cent with knowable and vitriolic watch is 98% . Baume degrees numerical value is greater, reading is convenient, the chroma that so commonly used on production Baume degrees represents solution (solution of certain pH indicator has certain density or proportion) . Of the Baume degrees of different solution determine the method is likeness, it is to use determine the method of specific gravity, the basis measures gotten proportion, check watch conversion chroma. Be being expressed to the wave beauty of different solution now is appropriative, if alcohol wave is beautiful,beauty of wave of watch, brine is expressed, above watch of beauty of this kind of wave, have determine this difficulty of phyletic solution of correspondence of solution Baume degrees, OK and direct reading, need not check a watch. Baume degrees and method of specific gravity conversion: Proportion of Baume degrees =144.3-(144.3/ ) Baume degrees of 144.3/(144.3- of; proportion = ) light to comparing water: 144.3/ of specific gravity = (144.3 Baume degrees) what nevertheless a bit also must be necessary remind is " specific gravity " this noun is already deserted need not convert " opposite density " will express, because of specific gravity this noun expresses not quite rigorous and insufficient clear, specific gravity is opposite and density is absolutely. The density that the proportion that we say is opposite water but the density that also is the water below specific requirement, express to be able to compare science so with opposite density.

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