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Pressure sensor was offerred run the most effective protection normally for pump
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What ROBBINS&MYERS of cubage pump expert already introduced a kind to fall to issue protective pump with high-pressured circumstance in dry moving condition is jam-free pressure sensor. RM pressure sensor is to install the exit in pump by the design, as traditional as other ' appear / disappear ' probe of temperature of detector, stator and other interference equipment is contrary, the most effective method that it is considered as to prevent pump interference to move. At the same time cubage pump is considered as one of pump designs with the most overall function, it has these advantages: It can be in the smallest wear away below, handle abrasiveness fluid; Accurate and metric ropy liquid; And carry exceeding and sensitive model product, their main limitation (no less than is most pump product) it is to suffer do the menace that move. However, to the user, doing moving requirement or tall / below low-pressure circumstance, use RM pressure sensor is a kind of of the cubage pump that protects them or other processing equipment the most effective method. This device is mixed by switch of sensor, pressure 3 main component make control case. This sensor installation is between the ANSI flange of two standards, can make fluid passageway straightway. The pressure of whole pipeline system is explored ensure crust, fixed device or bond do not affect pressure reading. Still having a characteristic is it is OK to have watch of a pressure full fluid goes up range estimation arrives the pressure circumstance inside whole pump system. Come from: Chinese hardware net

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