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Chinese experiment machine and experiment technology seminar were growing 2008
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Chinese experiment machine and experiment technology seminar experimented in Changchun 2008 victory of machine institute limited company is held on July 22, 2008, many 60 expert that comes from the whole nation assembles in Changchun, the Chinese experiment plane that enters to be held by limited company of institute of Changchun experiment machine and experiment technology seminar. Seminar received nearly 40 domestic units support energetically and take an active part in, include to be the same as university of mining industry of aid university, Shanghai traffic university, China, Huanali among them the delegate of 16 colleges such as work college, 7 home such as institute of metal of center of test of national housing materials, Shenyang are principal qualitative check and research organization, the enterprise of 13 home key such as production limited company of aircraft of production limited company of standard component of industry of aviation of treasure steel group, China, Shenyang. On the seminar, above all by sponsor general manager of square Zhuang Qingwei to do the conference to kick off speech, thanks to the social all walks of life that gives a company for a long time accredit and support. The ginseng of the factory can represent university of Chinese mining industry and Harbin turbine to make honored guest speech on the conference in succession, they express to no matter reliance is worth on function or after service,grow the experiment machine that tries place. In the meantime, they still express to organic in the future meeting continues even and grow collaboration trying place. Go up in the seminar at the same time, the technologist experiments with respect to the static state respectively the technology such as machine of machine, dynamic experiment machine, the experiment when the static state is long, alignment machine made special subject report, the current situation of relevant equipment and future were done describe and look into. Afternoon, the production that entered meeting honored guest to see long company trying place together debugs a workshop, made communication to interested product and technology and spot technology personnel, undertook deliberative with respect to next collaboration. Since nearly half century, limited company of institute of Changchun experiment machine puts in buccal institute 's charge from national industry technology, development reachs the guide of present science and technology that has abundant technology actual strength industry, holding to will advanced experiment aircraft and experiment technology to bring the concept of respectable user all the time. Be engaged in the national base that experiment machine and experiment technology research and development create the earliest as China, limited company of institute of Changchun experiment machine wishs to be in together with colleague of social all circles experiment machine domain is explored ceaselessly, initiate new page of experiment machine domain jointly. Pass insecurity and have the delibrate activity of rhythm, honored guest attending the meeting lets his thought flow freely jointly the future of Chinese experiment machine and experiment technology. Congress issues heavy curtain in happy atmosphere decline.

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