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Bark force Cheng Zaihua establishs appearance passion to explain to public cultu
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"Result from successfully responsibility, passion makes an earnest wish " . On June 10 morning 11 when, building of headquarters of group of Hua Li of garden of Hua Like ability auditoria of 2 buildings a flight of stairs is full, applause blast. By Hua Li Wang Li of chairman of group director bureau becomes guided soft actual strength to advance survey group to walk into Hua Liyi watch, Hualike, wang Li explains to public into chairman passion culture of Hua Li duty. Vice president of Hua Li group, Hua Liyi expressed president Jin Meixing to chair duty culture to explain to public meeting.
Explain to public on the meeting, wang Li becomes a chairman to gain a success from past Hua Li most the respect such as the core element, sense that makes duty culture, right " duty culture " made be elaborated racily and analyse deeply, make duty culture to how be united in wedlock actually, stimulative enterprise good rapid development published penetrating judgment. Explain to public content abounds full and accurate, have academic height already, contact cheek by jowl again actual, have very strong appeal and maneuverability, explain to public wonderfully the enthusiastic applause that wins full-court audience. As we have learned, since this year, round soft actual strength pushed Hualiji to organize 9 soft actual strength to push survey group into working party, part chairman of bureau of director of You Huali group, vice-chairman, executive trustee, secretary of chairman of supervision board of Hua Li group, Party committee, member of team of Hualiji's round president heads a group, the company of one class member that visited much separately in succession and part company of 2 class member. The point that place of each survey group reachs, sufficient feeling got advance soft actual strength to build the new features that brings to the enterprise, and of culture of duty of content of the core in construction of soft actual strength making is to let each survey group have the feeling that find everything new and fresh more. Survey group is in survey process, still listened to vice president of Hua Li group, Hua Liyi to express president Jin Meixing, neat sign of president of Hua Like ability concerns soft actual strength just to build the reflect report in management, made an interview to employee of a gleam of, had have an informal discussion with branch of relevant speak or sing alternately, made sampling questionnaire investigation wait. Information comes from: Hua Li group

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