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Dongguan city is big in instrument limited company
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My company major produces experiment engine, insert unplug force experiments machine, machine of rolling test of runner shaft life, machine of key-press life test, machine of life test of odd axis key-press, machine of platen drop test, machine of experiment of wear-resisting of RAC punched tape, machine of alcohol wear-resisting experiment, machine of life test of mobile phone renovate, machine of experiment of mobile phone slip lid, machine of mobile phone drop test, machine of experiment of mobile phone twist, screen of mobile phone feeling is able to bear or endure cut experiment machine, machine of jotter compression experiment, machine of key-press life test, machine of switch key-press life test, machine of experiment of loading displacement curve, machine of button pull test, instrument of button pulling force, plug down-lead turn loses experiment chance, machine of microcomputer pull test, economy door type pull test machine, machine of Chan Zhu pull test, chan Yi / machine of Shuang Yi drop test, appearance of homebred portable chromatism, saline mist corrodes chamber, push pulling force plan, chamber of high low temperature, machine of MARTINDALE attrition experiment, knit take wear-resisting experiment chance, machine of AKRON wear-resisting experiment, machine of experiment of sex of TABER wear-resisting bad news, machine of experiment of DIN wear and tear, number is shown microscopical diamond pyramid hardness plan, microscopical sclerometer, the hand is moved / dynamoelectric Rockwell hardness plan, the hand is moved / dynamoelectric surface Rockwell hardness plan, number shows exterior Rockwell hardness plan, standard much illuminant is right lubricious lamp box, mechanical and oscillatory testing stand, electromagnetism vibration testing stand, machine of experiment of sweep of amplitude modulation frequency modulation, metallographic sample is ground beforehand machine, metallographic sample polisher, metallographic sample is enchased machine, etc
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