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Cheng Dede is filled detect equipment limited company
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The company is located in world-famous bear heart be away for the summer holidays famous city of history of China of mountain villa —— and famed travel resort. Ground of here an outstanding personality is clever, it is the manufacturing base of machine of experiment of countrywide metalloid material. Stuff of metal of my company dispute detects equipment major manufacturer, have the company of new and high technology of ability of powerful product development, production, sale, service.

My company main product has: Wallop experiment machine, safety helmet detects equipment, heat is out of shape, temperature of dimension check softening point determines appearance, place Zhong Shichong to attack type of experiment machine, drop hammer to pound rate of flow of experiment machine, fuse-element to determine type of machine of bursting test of appearance, plastic compression tubal material, electron is all-purpose experiment machine.

All my company products all accord with GB and ISO standard, the business passed attestation of system of ISO9001 international quality smoothly 2001. The product is used extensively at place of courtyard of national defence aerospace, universities and colleges, scientific research, industrial and mining enterprises, quality to supervise examine wait for a variety of domains. My company product faces the whole nation, pervade each district, cheap of qualitative actor price, enjoy high reputation.

Welcome patronage of all circles businessman, friend, sincere letter cooperates, we will with high grade product, good after service, keep abreast of hand in hand with you, start the good tomorrow of the enterprise in all.

The enterprise is patulous information
◆ company name: Cheng Dede is filled detect equipment limited company
◆ company property: Finite liability company
◆ advocate battalion industry: Experiment machine / experiment machine
◆ advocate business Wu: All sorts of plastic pipe material detect equipment
◆ manages mode: Production / make
◆ trade zone: The whole nation, southeast Asia, middle east, europe
◆ main client: Metalloid material produces manufacturer, agency

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