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Limited company of instrument of Nuo of Jinan moxa heart
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Limited company of instrument of Nuo of Jinan moxa heart is You Liude sea returns establish, market research and development is made, sale and technology serve the company of new and high technology at an organic whole, introduce German technology, machine of experiment of sex of other people of testing instrument of quality of professional research and development, stuff. The company holds to “ to be with the person this, character go ahead of the rest; Science and technology seeks fine, serve the purpose of perfect ” , with “ Germany technology, create the concept of high-quality goods ” , offer all sorts of accurate experiment testing instrument for global user.
Company product basically has testing instrument of cable of machine of electronic pull test, wire, plastic balata the 4 old series such as the testing instrument of experiment instrument, food that pack 100 many breed. Apply extensively at universities and colleges, scientific research unit, qualitative check orgnaization and of all kinds lab produce a business with all sorts of industry, regard stuff other people as the gender (mechanical) experiment, the necessary instrument of quality management. Product of company of moxa heart Nuo is staple market with Europe, the to quality of of all kinds product demand after joining WTO as our country rises increasingly, company market begins to develop to home, in order to satisfy the requirement of domestic user.
We the professional technology with Gao Jian, offer accurate experiment instrument for you; With the professional of high quality, provide considerate after service for you. Stand in forward position of science and technology from beginning to end, always holding product quality is us the indefatigable pursuit of Ai Denuo's person!

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