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Jinan fills experiment mechanism high to create limited company
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Jinan fills experiment mechanism high to create limited company is scientific research of a market, development, create the new and high technology at an organic whole company. The company basically produces: Hand of breach of sample of broaching machine of hydraulic pressure of breach of sample of electric broaching machine, concussion, concussion moves notch of concussion breach measuring projector, concussion sample machine of experiment of chamfer of low temperature of sample of broaching machine, concussion, concussion, low temperature is full automatic concussion experiment machine, pull test machine, electron is all-purpose experiment machine, screen is explicit hydraulic pressure is all-purpose experiment machine, . The product applies extensively at: Boiler pressure vessel, aerospace, machinery is made, the national economy such as branch of place of courtyard of war industry of building materials of cable of car, shipbuilding, metallurgy mine, wire, plastic balata, building, national defence, universities and colleges, scientific research, qualitative check is the metal of application of each field place, metalloid, component part. The company pays attention to craft, tool to design, increase capacity of standardization, seriation, standardization, the product accords with GB and relative standard, satisfy the requirement of GB/T 229-1994, EN 10045.1-1990, ASTM E23-2002a. More than 10 series more than kinds of 80 testing instrument, popular whole nation saves the product 30 times city municipality, export country and the area such as southeast Asia, South America, Russia. The enterprise acts on “ to make excessive demands strictly, hard the tenet of the first ” serves innovation, quality at the client, in the spirit that surmounts ” with “ passion innovation, annals development expands enterprise oneself. Company faculty welcomes new old client to arrive at guidance wholeheartedly!

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