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Jia Xingzhong treasure detects equipment limited company
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Limited company of testing instrument equipment is located in treasure in Zhejiang province communication is easy fine start city, it is the high-tech business that a major pursues Wu of kimono of development of environmental test equipment, production, sale be an organic whole. The company went to market main force formally by Taiwan change in June 1998 chinese mainland, in economic prosperity scenery beautiful Dongguan established company headquarters. The branch held water in Shenzhen in March 2006, established 2008 fine promote a branch, we with “ sincere letter manages ” to be a principle, “ character the first, serve consummate ” to be a tenet, ceaseless excelsior, offer responsible environment to test equipment for social all circles.
Testing instrument sets treasure to limited company headquarters already passed ISO9001 system attestation and carry out the requirement that implements its quality guarantee system in the round fully in, the research and development in the product, design, make, quality control and sale service coordinate a respect to keep efficient from beginning to end run. The design of research and development of the product accords with completely: The test standard such as ISO, ASTM, AATCC, TAPPI, UL, VDE, IEC, ANSI, ASME, CSA, JIS, BS, EN, DIN, SATRA, GB, CNS. The reliability that the design of center of research and development of company major gives creation to accord with international standard to ask uses the testing instrument of value, the numerical control punching machine that has German import, home's advanced numerical control folds curved machine, laser beam cutting machine to use home the most advanced full automatic between the advanced treatment facilities such as automation line of electrostatic gush model and the electrostatic attune test-drive that accord with national level, in order to ensure the quality exterior of the product and function. The product applies extensively already at the enterprise institution such as communication of scientific research, military affairs, aviation, shipping, post and telecommunications, car, autocycle, electrical engineering, chemical industry, medical treatment, electron, semiconductor, photoelectricity, machinery and school lab.
Limited company of testing instrument equipment produces treasure in and the main product of the sale has: Wet chamber of constant temperature constant, enter constant of type constant temperature box of chamber of sulfur of chamber of sparge of chamber of all sorts of box of ageing of chamber of wet room, high low temperature, high temperature, accurate oven, cold thermal shock, brine, 2 oxidation, rain test, drop splashs box of chamber, sand and dust test, be able to bear or endure fizzle out change chamber, can be not mark norms equipment additionally according to needing to have something made to order.

Come for years, stability of company product quality, offer money seasonable, service is considerate, got the sincerity of friend of all circles of domestic and international society supports, send this to pay cordial acknowledgment to the friend of all trades and professions sincerely! In prospective career, we will as always, it is better to be offerred for broad user wholeheartedly more high grade product and service. Our genuine welcome the incoming telegram comes to everybody case seeks advice!
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