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Machine of experiment of servo of LFV series hydraulic pressure is one kind general-purpose, the test system of module type construction, can use mix with all sorts of clamping apparatus, amplify plan different software and all sorts of accessory undertake assorted, in order to satisfy the special requirement of the user. LFV is familial have the product that exceeds 20 kinds to measure range, measure limits to arrive from 0.2 KN use of all sorts of 2000 KN experiments with contented and the following domain, research:

Biology medicine and biology machinery check

Composite material checks

The fatigue experiment of common member checks

Earth and bitumen check

Plastic test

Man-made balata checks

Lumber and paper check

Concrete checks

Material function checks

3 axes check earth, bitumen, rock
All LFV members have static state and dynamic test capacity at the same time, can have all sorts of test projects:

Static drawing, compress, bend and shear test

Low frequency exhaustion experiments

High frequency exhaustion experiments

Component life test
Pass proper configuration, still use all sorts of affirmatory and the following different material to test an end:

Drawing and final intensity

Creep and viscoelasticity function

Stretch model measures a test

Poisson comparing

Fatigue feature

Wear away feature

Fracture toughness and rupture mechanical

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